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                                                                                          Graveyard Shifters
                                                                                        High Heels & Broken Bones
                                                                                             Release Date 12.06.15
                                                                                                Label: Eternal Sound
 Not so long ago we   reviewed the  Finnish Punk/ Metallers EP "Brainwashed by Moonshine" which was self financed by recycling the empty beer bottles from the rehearsal room  floor!

Now these crazy Finns are back with a vengeance ,and  their debut album "High Heels & Broken Bones" is due to be released   in June.

Like the highly catching and addictive debut the new release doesn't disappoint at all ,its full of quick fire riffs, neck snapping attitude to scare the neighbours and local wildlife, its ten tracks of hostile, fun ,  Punk Angst with smatterings of Metal combined with a Psycho billy insanity to shake you, wake you, and have you   partying all night and day too.


Opening with the album title its fast and furious delivery pounds and kicks in the glass doors as the fastness and pure energy, shatters around you, this is damn fast and leads into a head shaking, pogoing and stomping  on any one who gets in your way the superbly titled "Tearvomitor" blasts and will have you singing along at the top of your lungs as they pronounce "I Just Don't Give A  Fuck" neither do I!


This fucking rawks and pecks at your head like a deranged chicken on amphetamines , it  stays firmly in your mind ,crank this as loud as ya can, open your windows , sing and shout!  This is gonna be a treat live!  The drums shake , waking even the most comatose piss head from their slumber, "Buy Low , Sell High" jangles and bounces into your presence , there is a slight chance to catch your breath  with "Love on The Rocks"  this band can mix it up with out a doubt, they are melodic, fun, party animals they continue to rock and please you as "Bender"  rocks and delivers some kick ass lyrics as they tell you "Its The Same Old Song on your Radio" this sees you jumping on  the bar, head banging while   kicking bottles and glasses into the room , I love the way the track slows , delivering some deep and dark vocals from Beelzebub's locker.


Another track that's gonna go down  well live . "Pocket Puppet Show" sees more growled vocals with some flesh ripping guitar mastery which then bizarrely ends with a gentle acoustic guitar to finish the tune.

"Firestarter" burns and scolds, a venomous  delivery to set the world alight. Next track for me personally should have been the first track on this opus its not as frantic as the opener but its a classic "lets get this party started" line would fit in as this mash up of different genres, it  sees the band wreaking havoc, and causing more chaos than a angry   bull in a china shop .


Favourite track for me is "Beerserker" just adore the guitar rhythms, its very reminiscent of something I have  heard before, but that doesn't matter this band rips you a new one with their delivery of energetic and vicious craziness!
Final track is in Finnish and I don't have a  clue  what its all about but let me tell you it will thrash you within an inch of your life . So watch out world the Graveyard Shifters have delivered an album to rawk and thrill ,you its an aggressive fun filled offering that will have you bouncing and partying 24/7!! 
 Review : Seb Di Gatto         Score : 9/10                Facebook      Website                     

 Track listing:
 1.High Heels & Broken Bones
 3.Buy Low , Sell High
 4.Love on The Rocks
 6.Pocket Puppet Show
 Band Lineup:

J. Matilainen - Lead vocals
 J. Sumkin - Bass and backup vocals
 A. Salmenoja - Drums, percussions and backup vocals
 V. Vainionpää - Guitars and backup vocals
 H. Kansonen - Guitars

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