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                                                                                              Blood On The Face   Mausoleum Records

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, we have Grenouer, a band founded on extreme Metal music they have changed their style over the years and are now a fresh sounding, melodic Rocking / Metal band.  The album is atmospheric, grinding, and in your face. 


Title track 'Blood On The Face' has some mean and heavy riffs, mixed in with a melodic channel. 


I found myself drifting out of this world and into space as 'Sands of Silence' fell into my  being, you will be taken  on a journey of symphonic proportions, think Pink Floyd but with some real oomph! I can see this band appealing to fans of Nine Inch Nails, Death Stars, Blood on The Dance Floor, when you have tracks like 'Midday Show' it’s electronic, scratching and fills  your soul.


I think 'Golden Years' is one of the best tracks on here, its melancholy and soothing, really nice. 

A song that  should see this band making a hit worldwide.  But in the ever fickle world of the music industry it will probably never happen, it’s not a heavy metal track by any means; it’s an enjoyable tune though.

In fact the whole album kind of appeals, it’s a depending on your mood kind of record... it kind of all merges, then takes you by surprise 'Brain Fever' is a  case in point, heavy and filling your brain with heaviness, out of this world.  'See No Sun' delves deep and has an atmosphere of intensity.  'Last Stop' speeds into your mind and drives with electronic abandonment.


'Blood On The Face' is the bands seventh album and is totally accomplished, a bit different! It’s not Heavy Metal to my mind but then I am old school, it’s a good album which takes some getting used to, but once you listen and get into it, it is a winner.  'All In The Suit You Wear' should be renamed ... “All in the music you hear” ... as its really different!!

It will be played late at night and on long car journeys, just don’t drift too much into it!!


 Produced by some amazing producers – Finnish Anssi Kippo, Astia Studio Sound (CHILDREN OF BODOM, NORTHER, TO/DIE/FOR) and Italians Dualized and Eddy Cavazza, dysFUNCTION Productions (MNEMIC, TERMINAL SICK, LOGICAL TERROR) .

Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1. Intro: Thunder Phase
2. Blood On The Face
3. Sands Of Silence
4. Midday Show
5. Golden Years
6. Rejected
7. Fix Your Life / A Few Miles From Paradise
8. The Taste Of Misery
9. Brain Fever
10. See No Sun
11. Last Stop
12. All In The Suit That You Wear

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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