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                                                                                        Guilty As Charged
                                                                                           Leap of Faith
Formed in 2008 Guilty as Charged have released a competent album in "Leap of Faith" these guys hail from my Favourite country Belgium and  this self produced album smacks of old school Metallica and really does "Seek and Destroy" this is a thrashing killer of huge proportions, the album only has eight tracks on it, but every song will make you sit up and take notice! "Preach To The Masses" opens up in a fury of metallic majesty, I am   really taken by the amazing sound quality and aggressive vibes that  reach out of my speakers, grab me by the throat and make my  ears bleed this is  a political intelligent statement of a song , well worked out and very relevant to today's situation in   the middle east.


This is the kind of album that gets under you skin and you find instantly appealing, some albums I get sent I have to listen to a lot to fully appreciate, with "Leap of Faith" it gets your head moving and instantly has you hooked. 


"Last Chance" and "I`ll Never" for me are my favourites, both executed to fulfil any Metal Heads dream,  delivered with 100% attitude they  ooze old school thrash with a definite nod on "I'll Never"  to James Hetfields vocal style, that's not a bad thing its exemplary. The band showcase their impressive skills no more so than on "Elysium"  an instrumental to send shivers up your   spine , which also gives you a bit of respite from the frenetic fast paced nature of the album.


"Lack of Control" races out and returns you to the maelstrom of heads banged and pits erupting , then   Guilty as Charged  smashes into your skull with a diamond    studded sledgehammer. "Down" finishes off the album its fast, savage and leaves you wanting more!!

Guilty as Charged have played one of Belgium's biggest festivals "Alcatraz" in the past, and having been to the last Alcatraz festival myself in August and seen how big the event is, it is a big achievement, they have also played support slots for Helloween , Death Angel and Channel Zero.
 So to sum up yes there is lot of similarity to Metallica  on here, but believe me these guys stand their own ground and have delivered a brutal aggressive album one to be lauded , recognised and thrashed to!


Review :Seb Di Gatto

Track Listing:
01. Preach To The Masses
02. Last Chance
03. Leap Of Faith
04. I'll Never
05. Lone Wolf
06. Elysium
07. Lack Of Control
08. Down

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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