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                                                                                                Gunjack Interview  19/01/22           

MM: Congratulations on your new album "The Third Impact" its highly addictive, and full of  old  Metal grooves with a modern-day twist  how pleased are you with this your third release, and are you nervous and anxious at all about release day
Mr.Messerschmitt: Thanks for the compliments! Well, we are very satisfied about this album.We worked on sound, making it more dark and heavy. More suitable for the new songs. Yes we are nervous for the incoming release day, because is a small change of direction. 
MM: What's the response been like so far to the songs you have released
Mr.Messerschmitt: Absolutely positive! We have received many messages, it was fantastic. Maybe we are on the right way ahahah
MM: What can we expect from this Album 
Mr.Messerschmitt: We don’t want make predictions. We only hope that this work will be listened like a rock’n roll album. Without prejudice or a homework to correct.
MM: Has covid situation influenced any of the tracks on this release
Mr.Messerschmitt: Sure. It’s a difficult time to manage everything. The life is became hard and this is reflected on our music. For example we have dedicated one song to all doctors and nurses,”The Knights In White”, who fight in the labs and in the wards every day.
MM: Which track is your favorite on "Third Impact" today and why
Mr.Messerschmitt: Every member has the own favorite song, but for me is “Heart of tank”. Because while i sing this song i can immagine to feel the adrenaline and the fear of the soldier who drive that steel monster. It’s not apology of war, but only a description about human sensations during in a extreme situation.
MM: Would you say this is the strongest Gunjack Album so far
Mr.Messerschmitt: Yes. More obscure and heavy. About the sound and  the lyrics.
MM: What are your plans for the year tour and festival wise 
Mr.Messerschmitt: We have planned the release party on 4th February at Trani Pub in Belgioioso, Pavia. And we are working on others events, festival and clubs. With Covid is difficult every certainty but we never give up.!
MM: Are you doing anything special on release day
Mr.Messerschmitt: It will be the return on stage after the lockdown, so we’ll bring our scenography and maybe a digital video like a backdrop. We want to recreate the same mood of the album.
MM: What is the most memorable gig you have done with Gunjack so far.
Mr.Messerschmitt: There were many awesome shows,in Germany for example, but i remember the release party of “The Cult Of Triblade” album. It was fantastic. Many people in the same club to listen our new music. That night there’s not any guest. Dangerous, and that it was cause of anxiety for us. But it was a great night at the end.
MM: You are stuck in quarantine for a week which musician or Band dead or alive who would you have with you? 
Mr.Messerschmitt: Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead….who else? ahahah

MM: What would you like Gunjack  to be remembered for in years to come
Mr.Messerschmitt: Like a rock’n roll band, stubborn and faithful to themselves.
MM: What has been a defining moment so far of your career
Mr.Messerschmitt: When we have decided to play the music we love. Not for trend or what the people wants. When we have created this project different from all others. In this band there’s not a single important member or only one commander. We are all part of Gunjack in the same way.
MM:Tell us the most outrageous thing you have done in the name of rock n roll
Mr.Messerschmitt: Maybe it’s normal… but i guess play all the show blind drunk. I don’t remember when a started and when i finished…. Don’t ask me other…ahaha
MM: Complete this sentence Gunjack in their life's because…
Mr.Messerschmitt: …because we are the cure for your soul…
Five Questions:
1. Festival or small intimate gig – Both are cool! ahahah
2. vinyl or digital - Digital
3. Peroni or Pizza - Pizza

4. Saint or Sinner - Sinner

5. Motorhead or Metallica – Motörhead!!!

MM: Final words for your fans and our readers
Mr.Messerschmitt: We are ready to bring this last work everywhere…follow us on facebook,instagram and youtube…. In the name of rock’n roll horn up and bang you head! 



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