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                                                                                                   Gus G – Brand New Revolution
                                                                                           Brand New Revolution

                                                                                         Label:Century Media Records
                                                                                        Release date: 24th July 2015
Ozzy Osbourne and Firewind guitarist Gus G's  second Solo Album ,Brand New Revolution is jam packed with quick fire riff's and kick's serious backside, the Album has guest vocals on all of the tracks apart from the frenetic and absorbing opener "The Quest".

Taking on the vocal duties are Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd, Jacob Bunton of Lynam and Adler, and Mats Leven of Yngwie Malmsteen and Candlemass, and making a return having featured on Gus Gs debut "I Am The Fire"  Jeff Scott Soto and Mats Leven. If like me you love Classic  Hard Rock and Metal then this release will not disappoint. Opening with  "The Quest"   its simply excellent,  an energetic tune ,and a heavy riff tastic introduction to "Brand New Revolution".


The title track is up next featuring Jacob Bunton on Vocals , damn ,its really catchy and will have your feet tapping you will be  singing along in no time , the lyrics are contagious and of course the guitar maestro Gus G shreds and solos through out. "Burn" is the first single from the album and it's the right choice with out a doubt, a scalding number with Buntons vocals and classy lyrics, combined with Gus G's masterful musicianship , it has  to be the stand out track on this release.


"We Are One" continues the good time rocking groove with some extremely addictive soloing from Gus you can not be anything but hooked.

Now "What Lies Below" features Elize Ryd and for me its a song to blast out loud while driving on a coast road in high summer , its groove and symphonic delivery is pure ear candy , by no means is it the heaviest track on here but I really dig the combination of Elize Ryds vocals with the Greek guitar master ,and hope to hell one day these two can team up and release a full album, sadly she's only on this song.  

"Behind Those Eyes" sees Bunton return for his penultimate song its a slow burner and takes some time to fully appreciate, but it has to be said the Solo and wizardy from Gus G sends tingles up and down your vertebrae.


Jef Scott Soto  takes a bow on vocals , a funky monkey number with mouthwatering guitarmanship.Final song featuring Bunton "One More Try" is for me the least enjoyable song, its a slow number and just didn't rock my world, don't get me wrong its not a bad track , while the lyrics are delivered with verve and heart felt meaning it's not a winner for me.

Next we get Mats Leven taking control of the mic and boy does he deliver on "Come Hell or High Water" combined with Gus G scrumptious riff's and Guitar dexterity ,its a Rockers dream. "If it Ends Today" has a  lyric that made me smile "I'm burning Candles in The Rain" this one stays  in your head, lights the wick , flickering and burning , Gus Gs riff's knocks down walls  igniting a flame in a storm. Jeff Scott Soto returns for  "Generation G" with a crowd chanting chorus you cant complain.


Final song  "The Demon Inside" is the longest track on here running well over five minutes its a killer track that has to be played live, I hope it is as Gus G embarks on a tour soon.

So to sum up "Brand New Revolution"  is a solid album, although I would personally like to see him maybe do a full album with Elize Ryd or  Mats Leven sometime in the future. 

Review :Seb Di Gatto  Score: 8/10                                       Facebook

1. The Quest
2. Brand New Revolution – featuring Jacob Bunton
3. Burn – featuring Jacob Bunton
4. We Are One – featuring Jacob Bunton
5. What Lies Below – featuring Elize Ryd
6. Behind Those Eyes – featuring Jacob Bunton
7. Gone To Stay – featuring Jeff Scott Soto
8. One More Try – featuring Jacob Bunton
9. Come Hell Or High Water – featuring Mats Leven
10. If It Ends Today – featuring Mats Leven
11. Generation G – featuring Jeff Scott Soto
12. The Demon Inside – featuring Mats Leven


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