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                                                                                          Halogram Interview  27/02/20


MM - What was the highlight of 2019 for you as a band, and what was the funniest?


H:We really liked the welcome that of our previous single “Symphony Of Regret” had, I think it was a good highlight of last year. For the promotion of that single we asked our fanbase to send us videos saying the name of the song and doing whatever they wanted; and we have received loads of funny ones to the point that we decided to make a ranking of the top 3.



MM - For any HALOGRAM virgins out there, please introduce the band members to us

H:We are Dani Mourinho on bass and myself, Javier Iglesias, on guitar. We had collaborations of very talented local musicians in some of our tracks (André Moreiras on Piano, Pablo Somoza on Vocals….) and we also have the illustrator, Pablo Outeiral, in charge of the artwork of every new song. We consider him the third member of Halogram.


MM - When was the band formed and how did you all discover each other's mutual taste in making music?

H:Daniel and I met back in 1997 in a music festival. We were playing with our respective bands and we really enjoyed both performances. Years later we ended up playing in the same band and we started a very cool music relationship: we liked the same bands, music styles and we always wanted to create a project together but for different reasons we didn’t have the chance to do it at that time. Later on Daniel moved to London, but we maintained contact despite the distance… a couple of years ago we decided to start this project called HALOGRAM


MM - How would you describe your music and what do you hope people will take away from your music and your performances?

H:Our style is Progressive Metal/Djent. We think people will enjoy the different styles we mixed in each song.


MM - What bands did you grow up listening to and how did they help in creating the style of music you perform today?

H:Bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Angra, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Lamb of god, Plini, Architects, Periphery, Polyphia, etc. Due our previous works we also played loads of styles completely different than Rock/Metal like Pop, Celtic, Blues, Latin…. All that experience helped us to experiment and get to our current style.MM -Name an album you've heard recently and liked.

The Aristocrats - You Know What...?


MM - What one unique quality do your Band have to offer that no other band possess?

H:That’s a really tough question. I think, each band, despite their influences, they all compose differently and sound different in some way obtaining their own styles. Each musician is unique… so surely we have not invented anything new, but I think we have our own style….


MM - Who writes the songs that you perform? Is it a solo or joint effort?

H:I usually write all songs but during the writing process I always listen and discusses ideas from my partner Daniel. Every single change has to be approved by both of us.


MM - Which HALOGRAM song is your personal favourite and why? Which one sends the crowds crazy at your gigs?

H:Each song means something special, but maybe I would say the "The falling man" is one of my favourites. Mainly because it was our first song as Halogram and during the writing process we had a clear idea of which direction we had to take for the future songs and the choices to define our music style. Also the theme of that song (the 11th of September events) is very significant for me. As we haven’t gig yet we don’t know which one would be the most requested but we think “Obsolete Future” will be a banger due the high energy that it has!


MM - How can people keep up to date with what the band are up to and do

H:Just checking all our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube….


MM - If you had to choose only one of the following options, which one would you choose?(a) a short lived career that will earn you fame and fortune(b) the opportunity to make music for the next 50 years but without any real recognition.

H:I would lie if I wouldn’t love to choose the A, but to be honest I would be more than happy with B.


MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other person, for better or for worse?

H:Metallica; they were the band that really defined the way that the Metal had to follow


MM - How has the music media responded to the band so far and what's their biggest misconception about you?

H:So far we had very good reviews from the press and fan base. Our main trouble at the moment is that we still are in a very early stage, and they are many things that we can’t do at the moment, due financial situation, timing etc For example gigging is one of the plans we have in our to do list. But before that we still need to write more songs, increase our fanbase etc…


MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?

H:Get to maximum audience as possible…. This is still a work in progress….The Youtube/Spotify algorithms are our worst enemy! Haha!


MM - How do you feel about the internet and the effect it is having on bands and independent music?

H:I think the internet is a great tool for any creative people. It gives the opportunity to show our work to the world and on the other side; anyone to have access to that content.


MM - If one of your songs could appear on a soundtrack or any film or cult TV series, which one would you choose and why?

H:I particularly like science fiction ... and I see any of our songs as the soundtrack of any movie of that genre (Blade Runner, Terminator, ...)


Five Questions:

1.Festival or Small intimate gig

H:Small intimate gig

2.Vinyl or Digital


3.Drinking Beer or getting high by other means


4.Denim or Leather

H:I like both but you won’t see me wearing that!

5. Slipknot or Abba




MM - Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to all your fans out there?

H:As we mentioned before one of out goals at the moment are to continue writing new songs, try to get to the maximum audience as possible and to grow our fanbase. So if you want to help us with that task…. Please check our social media sites, listen us in spotify…follow, subscribe, comment …. We really are open to answer any questions and interact with our fans! Please listen our new single OBSOLETE FUTURE and share it and add it to your own playlist! Thanks in advance!





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