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                                                                                                          Mammoth Mammoth Volume IV
                                                                                                Hammered Again  

                                                                                                Label: Napalm Records
                                                                                                Release Date: March 30th
 Melbourne Hard Rockers Mammoth Mammoth return to mess you hair, have you jumping, sweating and partying into the night.

I first came across these lunatic rockers when I briefly did some reviews for another website, they had me hooked back then and continue to hook and draw you in  with their catching, infectious, enthusiastic and good time  rocking.


On the front cover of "Hells Likely" it features the mysterious beautiful girl found in a forest , under a log by our antipodean chums a few years a go , this time shes got a huge spliff in her hand and draws you in, it reminds you of covers of yester- year.

Now get ready to listen to some dirty rawking , stoner grooves on "Hammered Again" the dirty rock n roll vibes kick in from the super catchy "Life's a Bitch" it hammers down , like a runaway train speeding down a vast incline, its fast and fucking furious! Hell this rattles and kicks in heads as the super addictive chorus " Life's A Bitch and Then You Die" stays stuck in your head ,as do  all of the tracks on this album   , the bands fourth studio project.


They bombard you with tasty inspired riffs to have you trampolining around the venue bouncing, and partying through the night on "Lookin Down The Barrel".

Hell it gets even better with the stoner music side of this thundering band truly on show with "Electric Sunshine" now grab the girl on the covers spliff ,and draw in deeply , let the tones sink in and vibrate around the room ,you will be taken on a psychedelic journey , "Hey Man" chill and let the awesome tones flow and rock your world.

"Fuel Injected"  is bone crunching  and  kick ass, love this line "I Eat Angel Dust for Breakfast then I knock away the Jack"  a song Bon Scott would of been proud off! 


We get to listen to  and review so many bands at The Metal Gods Meltdown, but this album will be heading straight on to our list  of  fave Hard Rock albums of 2015 with out a doubt !! Love the heavy fuzzed out sound these guys produce through out , there's so many outstanding tracks "Black Dog" full of feedback ,and  a kicking groove monster that  is "Promised Land" are superbly menacing and absorbing.


"Reign Supreme" kick starts and races along with Jack Daniels being the fuel flowing through the Mammoth Mammoth Machine, as the band race and do indeed "Reign Supreme". 

"Sick of being Sick" will be a fave live with out a damn doubt, the lyrics hit home with punk angst am sure this song will be sung damn loud  in a whiskey soaked venue near you soon! Title track "Hammered Again" like the previous song is gonna be a delight live! stoner, glam, doom, punk and psychedelic rock influences are the bands forte and final track running at nearly ten minutes takes you on a translucent , psychedelic journey through strawberry fields and opium dens of the seventies..

As one of the bands fans in the past so succinctly put it Mammoth Mammoth are like: " Imagine Motorhead and AC/DC doing Mushrooms with The Butthole Surfers, channeling the Birthday Party at a Black Sabbath concert!" "Hammered Again"Gets a clear ten out of ten from us !!

 N.B:  Check out a Written Interview we did with these kick ass rockers for The Metal Meltdown a few years ago. Here

 Review Seb Di Gatto   Score: 10/10

 1. Life’s A Bitch
 2. Lookin' Down The Barrel
 3. Electric Sunshine
 4. Fuel Injected
 5. Black Dog
 6. Promised Land
 7. Reign Supreme
 8. Sick (Of Being Sick)
 9. Hammered Again
 10. High As A Kite

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Band Members

Ben Couzens Guitars
Mikey Tucker Vocals
Frank Trobbiani Drums
Pete Bell Bass


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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