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                                                                                                               Title: The Nine 

                                                                                                               Label: Frostbyte

These Canadian rockers open the album with a cacophony of grunge sounding guitars and these Canadian rockers then go for your knee caps and drag you through barbed wire into a heavy toil of molten groove, grunge sounding metal, as 'The Salem Parade' sets you up for a blistering metal journey. 


'The Little Pariah' crashes into existence and wreaks havoc in your mind this is quite an insane number with an excellent ending.  'Philistine' continues the intensity that this band deliver in tons of molten metal, just love the deep riffs.  'Another Conspiracy' is tense and prickly, as is the brilliant meandering 'Stuck in Time'.  Without a doubt and probably the best overall number on here is the smacking 'Argue and Grin'.  This one rages out of your speakers and seriously gets into your head as the splitting chords abound and destroy. 


'The Chelsea Smile' spirals and grooves and batters your eardrums.  'Hand Me down Virtue' is a lighter track on 'The Nine', but having said that, it still batters your senses as the song gets going, with its penetrating guitars.

'Pretentious' is grooving, intense metal where the band excel even more than you would think possible and show why they have been getting such rave reviews and making a huge noise in Canada.  


Final track 'Sentimental Enterprise' opens with bizarre sounding keyboards and reminded me straight away of Hawkwind! Then the guitars launch in, a really different number compared to anything else on here and thankfully not as long as some Hawkwind tracks! It’s hard to really pigeon hole this band, they ain't grunge, they ain't metal, they are everything combined and more! 


'Nine' is a great album and if you haven't heard of these Canadian rockers, I am sure you and the world will soon.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto




1. The Salem Parade 2. Little Pariah 3. Philistine 4. Another Conspiracy 5. Stuck In Time 6. Argue And Grin 7. The Chelsea Smile 8. Hand Me Down Virtue 9. Pretentious 10. Sentimental Enterprise

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