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                                                             Harmonic Generator 
                                                       When The Sun Shines    Lungata Records

French rockers Harmonic Generator recently supported the mighty Raven and Girlschool, on a tour of Europe, they wowed and amazed the crowds.  I was lucky enough to catch this band recently on the aforementioned tour and they blew me away with their energy, enthusiasm and all round musical ability.


Harmonic Generator have recently released their debut album (July) 'When the Sun Shines', the album was produced by the world renowned producer Mark Opitz.  So what you have here is ten tracks of rocking,  alternative attitude, think Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, AC/DC, The Angels, Aerosmith and the funk of Faith No More, throw them together in a room full of dynamite, light the fuse and you get HARMONIC GENERATOR!!


The album opens with 'Rising Star', a great title as these lads have the X Factor to become that “Rising Star”! Quentin Barthes-Villegas vocals are excellent, this is a cracking opener and had me singing along by the second listen, it’s melodic, captivating and instantly likeable and has been released on video so check it out! 'Bad Things' is a cheeky tune to have you dancing, grooving and sweating into the night and doing “Bad Things”!

Next we come to the band’s debut single from 'When The Sun Shines' called 'Nobody Dies', it's possibly my favourite track on here, but having said that, it’s so difficult to choose, but as I am writing this review, I will say this is my current favourite.  It’s got a sing-along chorus, meaty riffs delivered by Charl' Roussel and Renaud Satre guitars, and belting drums from Charls brother Alex Roussel. 


Simply love the bass from  Nico Helinger on 'Fire', the start of the song reminded me heavily of Faith No More with a bit of Extreme circa 'Pornografftti'. 

'Dead on The Ground' is very melodic and the longest track on here at nearly five minutes, then there’s that funky / metal vibe as 'On My Knees' opens then gets some nice guitar soloing as the track comes to its end.  So just over halfway through this album and I can’t find a bad track yet and the next four tracks don’t disappoint in the slightest either.  'Rollin Free' is chugging, rocking and rolling along the train tracks, simply superb! 


The penultimate track is 'Let The Bunny Dance' sees aforementioned rabbit escaping from its hutch, bumping, grooving and dancing.  Hell this is a damn catchy number, hop onto the floor and show your moves to this tuneage you just can’t sit still with 'Let the Bunny Dance'.  


The album finishes with 'Getaway', twisting and spiraling guitars and beating fists against your chest, this is a top tune to finish a cracking debut album!


Originally from Marseille these Gallic rockers relocated to Australia in 2011, got a record deal and management, returned to their native France after a year of international experience, have a growing a fan base and a superb reputation as a band to catch live! Grab a hold of this album and if they are in your town / country go see them!!!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Rising Star
2. Bad Things
3. Nobody Dies
4. Fire
5. Dead On The Ground
6. On My Knees
7. Rollin' Free
8. Let The Bunny Dance
9. Get Away

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