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                                                                                                           Title: White Noise
                                                                                                           Label: Independent
                                                                                                           Release date: 24th July 2020 
Welsh trio Häxan release their hotly anticipated debut "White Noise" near the end of July and is the perfect tonic in these days of lockdowns and uncertain times.  To say this is an awe-inspiring release from Haxan is an understatement and should set the world alight with its vibrancy, intensity, and boisterousness, it is in your face and had me becoming an instant fan!

Opening with "Damned if you do" it simply slaps ya round the head with its energy and has you pogoing around the room as this instantly catchy start impresses. This gritty opener rocks your world with its infectious grooves and intelligent lyrics telling you karma always comes back in some way and makes things right.   Basically all the songs on here rock ya proverbial socks off and dive-bomb into the room, this platter is so damn addictive, with its spellbinding moves,  these girls Jus wanna kick ass!
"Nine Lives" gallops along like a steed on Ritalin the Bass thunders and unleashes itself on your soul, this has killer riffs its hard-rocking core will beguile you.  A Classic Rock vibe comes from "Gravedigger" it's hellishly catchy and has you singing along almost instantly.

The Band continues to impress and amaze as the killer "Louder than Words" and the perfect  "Black Sheep"  will have venues partying along in an instant. There is no chance of catching your breath as "Crash and Burn" rocks up, love the sleaze infused vibe on this one, very 80s on the sunset strip feel to this un. The first single from this opus  "Skeletons" rattles your bones, this is my personal favorite on here ticks all the right boxes with its moves and is another that's gonna Shake the very foundations of venues nationwide..hopefully soon!! Final track "Living Dead" takes a darker and fun twist and sees these talented musicians again steal your soul with their unbridled good time vibes.

This excellent launching pad of nine tracks should see Häxan make their mark and have everyone taking notice!

Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score:9/10
Reviewed: 04/06/20
Reviewed: 1/06/20

Album tracklist:
1. Damned If You Do
2. Killing Time 
3. Nine Lives
4. Grave Digger
5. Louder Than Words
6. Black Sheep 
7. Crash and Burn
8.. Skeletons
9. Living Dead  


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