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Oh well what can I say … I love Lemmy and find the Stray Cats fun and pleasing to listen to.  This is a fun album and follow up from the debut 'Fools Paradise'.  Which reminds me of my very, very short involvement with the Psycho Billy’s when I was a lass.  I've always been a metal-head, but I could do the rockabilly dance.  

Now in my opinion, if you love music, whatever the genre, it doesn't hurt to have an open mind.


Anyway I do like this, but be warned, it is soft on the ears.  Very mellow and to be fair, maybe not something hardened metal lovers could listen to for too long.  But, if you love Lemmy’s dulcet tones, and are curious to listen to him without the mighty majestic Motorhead behind him, well this is for you.


From the outset it is clear that Lemmy has a voice that suit’s the blues, and should he decide to develop this further, then I for one would love to have a listen.  Just imagine raw sugar cane mixed with a heavy slug of Jack Daniel’s ...


With good solid support from the feline inspired dudes, Slim Jim Phantom and Danny B. Harvey, who certainly know how to play Rock and Roll with a delicious blues infusion.  


'American Beat' is a good start to the album and I love the Headcat version of Chuck Berry’s 'Let It Rock'.  It certainly makes you want to bop!.  I can imagine 'Something Else' going down a storm, this version really does make you want to jive … ha, ha, something I never thought I would say about Lemmy!  Head-bang yes, jive no!  This is even better than the Sex Pistols version.


Ok, if you like down and dirty blues then Headcat's original song 'The Eagle Flies On Friday', is really, really quite good, with Lemmy’s voice sounding soft, (yes soft) and beguiling.  This is probably my favourite track on the album. 


'Trying To Get To You' is a cover of the Elvis song and yeah it's good if like that kind of thing.  “I been travelling night and day“ ... damn the lyrics are stuck in my head!  From “Trying to get to you“ ...!


'You Cant Do That' is a great version of the rocking Beatles song.  The maestro that was Jerry Lee Lewis song 'It'll Be Me' is on here too.  'Crossroads' is the penultimate track on this album, and very well done.  


If you love old school rock n' roll, then give this a listen.  I would go and see these guys live for the fun factor and because it's Lemmy.

Review by: Alison "Bear" Caswell



1. American Beat
2. Say Mama
3. I Ain't Never
4. Bad Boy
5. Shakin' All Over
6. Let It Rock
7. Something Else
8. The Eagle Flies On Friday
9. Trying To Get To You
10. You Can't Do That
11. It'll Be Me
12. Crossroads Blues 

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