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                                                                                                Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival
                                                                                        22nd - 23rd September 2017

This was a festival I had been looking forward to for some time, mainly because I would  get to see the mighty Mythra from the UK, but  errr in Holland! and Swedish Rockers Screamer. 

As usual with mainland European Festivals it did not disappoint one bit, everything from the inexpensive beer, food and merchandise to the stellar line up pleased all that were in attendance for this two day feast of head banging delights. 


This is The Heavy Metal Maniacs 25th year and the bill had some of the finest legends of the Dutch Metal Scene opening with 
Elise who rocked the joint with their killer Old School Metal insanity. These guys  got the place moving with their infectious sounds and balls to the wall attitude from the first riff and kept every ones attention with their  Old style Metal infecting every crevice of the P60.
Thrash maestros Distillator stretched some necks with their fast and furious frenzy of old school Metal, a late addition to the line after Japanese giants  Saber  Tiger sadly couldn't appear, these guys simply blew me away and it would need something special to better their performance.


Well have no fear as Martyr celebrating their 35th year built up the anticipation with a film show of the bands escapades over the years.

Two young ladies added to the theatrical build up with their looks of menace towards the crowd from the front of the stage as  Martyr entered for what was to be a truly wonderful celebration of the bands history with many guest appearances and of cause the usual legendary Martyr crowd on the stage partying, and the obligatory Jagermeister got consumed!


Saturday was one of the reasons why I was here in Amsterleeven to catch NWOBHM legends Mythra and Swedish Metallers Screamer.

Dutch Legends Atila hit the stage and where completely sublime but missed most of their set due to a interview! Another excuse to come back to Holland and catch a full set ( Like I need one).

Leather heart from Spain who were simply awesome and had this reviewer snapping up their latest CD, super talented guys with a decisive edge to their sound! They are a Band we will be featuring in the future !

Then the intro starts as Vocalist Andreas Wikström appears and shakes the rafters with the song "Screamer" as the twin guitars of Anton Fingal and Dejan Rosić  trade some killer hooks and riffs,  which leads  to "On My Way" this has yours truly singing my lungs out and getting a bit emotional after recent traumtic events in my own personal life.

Screamer enthral and continue to please the crowd with the excellent "Slavegrinder" this is indeed a grinding thunderous maelstrom of Metal riffs fCombined with killer Vocals from Wikström  added with the Rhythm section of Fredrik Svensson on Bass and Henrik Petersson  flaying the Drums these Swedes continued to deliver on this heavy and infectious song and worked the room with their scintillating  performance playing a fair few tracks of there recently released Album "Hell Machine" which of course included "Monte Carlo Nights" these guys had made the Festival for me or had they ?

Mythra.. how many times have I missed seeing these guys since they reformed? way to many! So it takes me to another country to finally get to see them live at last.. And did they disappoint..not in the slightest they delivered a set of Old School Metal that was phenomenal and jaw droppingly good, their was some sound issues at first but they were  soon righted and did not detract from the show.. And What a show it was !
Opening with "Best is yet To Come"  and then one of my personal Favourites from these masters of NWOBHM  "UFO" had all those in attendance standing in awe as the mastery of  Front man Vince High with the twin guitar attack of Alex Perry and John Roach combined with Maurice Bates on Bass and Phil Davies on Drums  shaking the foundations.

Playing so many new and old songs this was a real treat not just for Mythra fans , but for any one who truly loves Old School Metal.

"A Call To All"  and "Sands of Time " really stood out from their recently released Album and you cant not, not mention "Vicious Bastard" from their youthful days.

Delving in and out of their old and new material and Finishing their set with "Death and Destiny" The Band wrapped up a glorious set.

Things have been really moving for Mythra since they reformed, its so amazing to see such talented musicians plying their trade and loving every minute of it long may it continue! 


Swedens Dream Evil brought a hugely successful Festival to a close, I missed a lot of their set but from what people were saying they were out of this world.

So to sum up its twenty five years of Heavy Metal Maniacs, here's to the next fifty years ! These Guys are awesome , thank you for having The Metal Gods Meltdown at your amazing Festival  we wont hesitate to return!!  

Review : Seb Di Gatto                          Thanks to Paul van Rijswijk for The Photo!
Reviewed: 27.7.17



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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