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                                                                                   Title:The Pecking Order

                                                                                   Label:Devils Clause Records                                                                                                                                                                             Release Date: 11th November 2022

Progressive Metallers Hedra unleashes a beast on the world’s ears on the 11th of November. This release is a thought-provoking hard-hitting EP from Norfolk’s finest. Taking inspiration from the recent pandemic and otherworldly ills these guys mean business with this six-track beastie. Fronted by Jim Marten (Vocals), Kamil Korsak (Guitar), Zoran Gyenis (Guitar), Lukas Mozdzenski (Bass), and James Redden (Drums) they deliver some killer moves and grooves as the opener swoops in with its dynamic twists and curves as “Jackdaw” pecks its way into your conscience with its ravenous feel, a stellar start to this debut.

I love the guitars on “Stolen” and with it being the anniversary of Alice In Chain's self-titled album today I can't help but draw some comparisons to Seattle’s finest with this song, I could quite easily see Layne Staley singing this, and has to be the stand out track on here with its deep cutting feel lacerating all those who dare stand in its way as the chorus stays embedded in your head.

“Suchi” runs at nearly seven minutes its intense and fiery delivery rocks into the room with its unrelenting attack on the senses that build as you delve further into this number. “Avis Mogi” is deep and doomy its darkness wraps around you with a cape of foreboding nihilistic zones, weirdly inspiring one.

A tidal wave of emotions hits you as “Storm clouds” crashes into you, its progressiveness and dominance will have your hair standing on end! The final track” Head Held High” brings things to a close, love the lyrics to this, it’s a dreamy floaty song that takes you on a magical carpet ride of varying emotions.

I sincerely hope these guys get the opportunity to play at established festivals such as Bloodstock, Hard rock Hell, Download and of course the amazing festivals in mainland Europe these dudes deserve success 24-7!

Reviewer: Seb Di Gatto   Score:4.5/5

Reviewed:01/11/22                                HEDRA


  1. Jackdaw

  2. Stolen

  3. Suchi

  4. Avis Mogi

  5. Storm Clouds

  6. Head Held High


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