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                                                                                                            Hell in The Club

                                                                                                          Shadow of The Monster

                                                                                                          Label:Scarlet Records

                                                                                                          Release Date:22 January 2016

Let’s be honest Hell in The Club are a band I have never listened to, now I have I will be returning  again and again also listening to the bands previous work too! 2016 has already seen some fine releases and this good time party Metal album with hints of fifties Rock N Roll is another breath taking release.

Hell in The Club feature members from Elvenking and Secret Sphere.


“Dance” takes you in your mind’s eye to a beer soaked venue as you jump around singing along to the chorus, partying, dancing, rocking away into the night.

“Enjoy The Ride” is drenched in so many different influences from the Eighties I won’t even bother to list them, the melodies, riffs and rhythms bring those happy days flashing back into your head.

You can tell the band had a hell of a party recording this album as “Hell Sweet Hell” opens with a Bluesy feel, building into a song that has you dealing with the devil and singing in unison immediately as the catchy chorus embeds itself in your head and the meaty guitar solo midway sees you standing transfixed, Bottle of Jack Daniels in your hand, rocking , smiling! Singing “Hey Ho”!!!


 “Shadow of a Monster” is a Heavy Morsel that strips the paint and shakes the walls as the bogeyman comes to get you!  it’s a beastly tune, the final part is gonna go down so well live!

“The Life and Death of Mr. Nobody” is a slower calmer tune that has some deep lyrics and is truly outstanding, again reminding me of some classic hair Metal bands ballads from a few decades back.

Track six continues the mellow theme at first then rocks into life to sate your hunger with the mouth-watering “Appetite” the drums pound ,the bass thuds into your presence with some backing “whoa whoas” it takes you to the limit and will have you craving for more!  this one like most of the tracks on “Shadow of The Monster” will make you smile and ponder as the song goes past halfway, this song just won’t leave your head!!!


“Naked” slows the mood down again it’s a gentle uplifting song.

Next is the standout track on this opus “Le Cirque des Horreurs” it opens dramatically and effectively  then pumps out a magical dreamscape of fun , and horrific delight as the show continues and never stops as the freak show rocks you to your very core!   “Try Me Hate Me” bangs the drums hard working itself up into a sing along behemoth of massive portions, this is one that’s going please a live audience.


Final track “Money Changes Everything” is my least favourite track on here, while its lyrics are beautiful and meaningful ,it plunges, swoops and flows with a guitar solo to melt your heart, it’s a softer ethereal piece to finish a divine release.


To sum up

Like the Albums we have already reviewed here for 2016 this Album is another masterful accomplishment in this musical genre we so  adore.

Finally, the stunning artwork was drawn by American writer, film-maker and prolific illustrator Nathan Thomas Milliner, a very well respected horror artist, who is consistently producing outstanding graphics for various comics, films, and horror conventions.



Review:Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10

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Track listing:

2. Enjoy the Ride
3. Hell Sweet Hell
4. Shadow of the Monster
5. The Life & Death of Mr. Nobody
6. Appetite
7. Naked
8. Le Cirque des Horreurs
9. Try Me, Hate Me
10. Money Changes Everything



Line up:

DAVE - vocals
PICCO - guitars
ANDY - bass
LANCS - drums

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