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                                                                                                                   Hells Gazelles

                                                                                                                   Take Your Medicine

                                                                                                                   Label: Self Release

                                                                                                                   Released: 27th July 2018       

From Oxford shire we have Hells Gazelles causing a storm and kicking ya teeth in with their new E.P “Take your Medicine” it’s a vibrant, fun and intuitive release that opens with the excellent “Give Me Something” a song not for the faint hearted its full of lip smacking riffs and killer lyrics, commenting on life and the daily frustration of idiots messing up the world and has a kick ass attitude that rings true to the many of us who have to live, work and survive in the 21st century, which in my mind is pretty screwed up, this an excellent opener with Cole Bryant’s infectious Vocals drawing you in and has you singing along in no time as Nath Digmans riffs combined with Rik Ridemarks Bass and Luke Evans Drums have you jigging and bouncing around the room Hell yeah these gazelles Rock and fucking Roll!!


“Stone Cold” oh yeah,  is pure bred rock n roll and is just what the Doctor ordered, loving this track in fact love all of the songs on this EP, like the opener this is gonna go down so well live, with its hooky chorus and attitude.

“Out of Time” is another chest pounding adrenaline tune to have you bouncing around the room, turn it up loud and lets upset the neighbours! (again!).

Title track “Take Your Medicine” is up next it tears through ya speakers like a pissed off tiger on Ritalin, smashing and crashing into your prescence taking no prisoners and chewing on your soul.

“She Devil” is the final song its full of orgasmic riffs and hellishly addictive tones that bring to an end one of the best Eps we have heard in a long time. These guys have the potential to be huge , they  don’t mess around this is balls to the wall good fun, addictive music to let your hair down to and party long into the night!

Love the artwork and everything about this release lets  all hail Hells Gazelles!


Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score 8.5/10         Facebook




Track Listing:

1.Give Me Something

2.Stone Cold

3.Out of Time

4.Take your Medicine

5.She Devil



Band Line up:

Cole Bryant -VocalsNath Digman- GuitarRik Ridemark - BassLuke Evans -Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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