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                                                                                                      Title: Will and the Witch

                                                                                                      Label: M-Theory

                                                                                                      Release Date: May 20th, 2022

WOAH! I can't rate this release highly enough this is one hellishly addictive concept Album from California's Helsott. Full to the brim with orchestrations death-defying fiddles, banjos flutes, and head-banging magnificence as the blood-curdling growls from Eric Dow enthuse and keep you hooked throughout this opus.


I couldn't get past the first three tracks I had them on constant repeat for ages! The opening track “I'll make you famous” grips and smashes you in the face with its statement of intent. Then dudes we get violins and kick-ass party times as the second track “Southern Shine” has ya grooving along with the fiddle and banjo captivating one as ya neck some moonshine and fully become drawn into the story of Billy the Kid, this ain't no “Blaze of Glory”!


The title track “Will and the Witch” is up next with its singalong chorus and death-defying solos this is gonna be killer live as ya punch the air and party into the night, hell yeah! Tim “Ripper” Owens makes an appearance on the captivating “Independence Night” it shreds and rips into your soul as the beats and snarling vocals slaughter your senses. My favorite track has to be the massive “Skin Out” running just short of ten minutes we get the full package here, its unexpected turns and delivery are sublime. Now I never used to like long tracks like this but fuck this is so beguiling and a journey of highs and lows that sees you fully immersed and again have you hitting replay.


Grab a bottle and let the liquor burn your throat as we drink in “Babylon Scarlet's Saloon” another one that's going to be wild live with its paint peeling roars, that continue to enthuse as the next track “Everything Hurts” then delivers you into “Spit bucket brawl” with its psychotic pianist and strumming banjo playing chasing the lead guitar as we sing the chorus! Dude “Navajo Crow” has flutes hand drums and takes you into a daydreaming trance as you let this song wash into your soul.. and no I ain't been smoking a peace pipe.... honest!


Ok back to it as “Welded as one” rocks up and whips up a storm as it bites you with its ferocious delivery, Penultimate track “Reap the Whirlwind” beats you senseless with its verve and vigor.

This conceptual work of art ends with “The Regulators” a menacing track that ends a superb tale of Billy the Kid. So to sum up this is a fun release brimming with songs that mix different styles of genres and is insanely moreish.


Not surprisingly since their incarnation in 2019, Helsott has toured throughout North America and Europe along with performing at several festivals including Wacken Open Air.

Review: Seb Di Gatto                        Score:9/10

Reviewed: 16/04/2022

Band Recording and Live Line Up:

Eric Dow – Vocals/Orchestrations

Mark Dow – Guitars/Vocals

Cooper Dustman – Drums/Vocals/Orchestrations

Pete Trux – Guitars/Vocals


1. I'll Make Ya Famous

2. Southern Shine

3. Will And The Witch

4. Independence Night

5. Skin Out

6. Babylon: Scarlett's Saloon

7. Everything Hurts

8. Spit Bucket Brawl

9. Navajo Crow

10. Welded As One

11. Reap The Whirlwind

12. Regulators

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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