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                                                                                                    Title: Pagans Rising

                                                                                                    Label:ViciSolum Productions

                                                                                                    Release Date: 30th September 2022

HEXED returns with “Pagans Rising” inspired by Sweden’s witch-hunting hysteria in the late 17th century. HEXED take no prisoners as the title track opens proceedings, the fierce vocals from Tina Gunnarsson make your hairs stand on end and skin prickle with excitement as this rapacious start to this band's second album gets underway,  this is a stunning start to this incredibly addictive platter a real metal monster the gates of hell are thrown open with pounding drums and floor shaking basslines combined with Stellar Gunnarsssons growls stripping the paint and making the earth tremble this is an insanely addictive start.

The torrent of power and rich melodic metal continues with the mighty” Resurrection”, as Tina casts a devilish spell on you as you sing along punch the air and bang your head to this metalhead's delight, I simply love the way this number embeds itself into your conscience.

“Stigma Diaboli” has been released recently, not only is the amazing scenic video awesome, HEXED steals your soul and belts out a superlative gothic-infused tune, this is amazing and one of my favorite songs of the year hands down. The powerhouse drumming of Patrick Wahlberg and the thumping bass of Daniel Hakansson form the foundations with the massive riffs from Stellan Gunnarsson cement “Repentance” into your soul as Tina Gunnarsson continues to weave her magic. simply sublime. The crowd-pleasing “Incantation” is up next with its hellish delivery then we come to “Prophecy” with its dark orchestrations and powerhouse vocals and guttural growls this is epic and totally bewitching. With “Symphony of Tragedy” it’s time to raise those horns and salute these mighty Swedes as it takes you on a journey of symphonic metal with powerful face-melting tones.

Chugging guitars and keyboard-laden “Blasphemy” is up next a bit more mellow at the start then builds into a vitriolic chant. Hell yeah!

The penultimate track “Dark Storm” is a tempest of phenomenal meaty grooves, leading into the final song “Moorfield” a gigantic morsel of emotions as the “witches” destiny is reached, spine-tinglingly beautiful tune even more so when you fully research the history of these times.

HEXED are a force to be reckoned with this is a stupendously addictive album that weaves its spell on you. in a word “Pagans Rising” is                                                                                              EXCEPTIONAL!

Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score:10/10



1. Pagans Rising

2. Resurrection

3. Stigma Diaboli

4. Repentance

5. Incantation

6. Prophecy

7. Symphony of Tragedy

8. Blasphemy

9. Dark Storm

10. Moorfield


Band Line up:

Tina Gunnarsson    Vocals

David Nyman           Guitars

Daniel Hakansson    Bass

Stellan Gunnarsson  Guitars, Vocals, Keys

Patrick Wahlberg      Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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