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                                                                                                         HIGH FIGHTER


                                                                                                         Argonauta Records

                                                                                                         Release: 26.07.2019

Germanic Sludge Metallers High Fighter return with their sophomore Album “Champain” on July the 26th.

“Before I Disappear” opens proceedings with a delicate touch that grows into a full grown ear splitting abrasive mix of Bluesy doom laden heaven, its vibes and devilish Vocals from Mona Miluski draw you in, it’s a helluva opener and things just keep getting more intense with “Shine Equal Dark”  a track that has enough power and explosive energy to light up a Power plant it grabs you by the balls and tells you in no uncertain terms High Fighter are back and ready to annihilate your senses. “Dead Gift” is full of grinding riffs and Miluskis Vocals changing from clean singing to the growls from hades make your hairs stand up on end as Hamburg’s finest continue to take you on a journey of Metallic extremes the ending to this song is especially special.


I love the melancholic feel as “Another Cure” starts, running at seven minutes this track has a schizophrenic feel as it chops and changes and buries deep into your consciousness with the pounding drums and venomous delivery this is my favourite number on here, its deep cutting and addictive, turn the lights out sit in a darkened room and play this mutha fucker loud! “Kozel” pummels and swirls as Christian "Shi" Pappas (Guitar) and Ingwer Boysen (Guitar) with the rhythm section comprising of Constantin Wüst (Bass) Thomas Wildelau (Drums) take you into a bluesy stoner infused meltdown of epic proportions as it comes to its conclusion.

“I Will Not” is straight forward bludgeoning riffola as the dynamic Miluski continues to share her mighty Vocal skills melting your face in the process. “Inter dark” is a very down tempo piece a haunting diversion as the echoes of bomber on their way to war emanates from your speakers.

Then its back to full throttle stoner infused delirium as “When We Suffer” infects you with its sombre and eerie moments with the bonus of Anton Lisovoj of Downfall of Gaia making an appearance its another highlight on a release of many!


Penultimate song “A Shrine” is powerful and super groovy as you bang your head and let this song steal your essence, truly outstanding, as we head toward the final piece on here the title track “Champain” a massive track to end a dominant release it finality is angry and fervent bringing to a close a awesome ten track monster from High Fighter.    


Review: Seb Di Gatto              Score:9/10




1.Before I Disappear

2.Shine Equal Dark

3.Dead Gift

4.Another Cure


6.I Will Not

7.Inter Dark

8.When We Suffer

9.A Shrine



Band Members

Mona Miluski - vocals
Christian "Shi" Pappas - guitar
Ingwer Boysen - guitar
Constantin Wüst - bass
Thomas Wildelau - drums & backing vocals

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