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                                                                                                         High Fighter

                                                                                                         Scars and Crosses

                                                                                                         Label: Svart Records

                                                                                                         Release Date:10th June 2016

Following on from their highly impressive Debut EP “The Goat Ritual” These Teutonic Heavy Stoner merchants return with their debut Album “Scars and Crosses” it is  jammed full with other worldly atmospherics and trippy moments by the dozen ,the band take you on a ride of doom laden delights. “A Silver Heart” opens proceedings with a gentle intro that builds into a stonking opener , Mona Miluskis vocals grab you by the scruff of the neck and entice you into the song , you cannot  help but be impressed as the bands deep rooted sludge induced tempo takes a hold.   As the song  progresses the growls from Miluskii  impress and astound as the rhythm section of Constantin Wüst  Bass and Thomas Wildelau  Drums complement this opening salvo.


“Darkest Days” is faster than the opener and scampers along, the chugging guitars from Christian "Shi" Pappas and Ingwer Boysen shake and vibrate the room,  the impassioned growls from Mona as the song reaches its end are fantastic and head crushing.

I would say “Darkest Days” and the next track are my favourite numbers on this release.

A deep vibe resonates through the room as “The Gatekeeper” opens its has a mesmeric effect  leading its way into the song, the riffs are infused with a crunching Blues vibe throughout “Scars and Crosses”. 

“Blinders” growls and slugs you in the face with its aggressive delivery, its full of dense deep rooted riffs that  galvanise and feedback into your head with a  velvet covered punch.

Next “Portrait Mind”  takes a hold and sees you shaking your head and moving to the infectious groove.

"Gods"  is a  track that  really encompasses exactly what High Flyer are all about both musically and spiritually.

The penultimate track “ Down to The Sky” is washed in the deepest southern Blues with a hint of hazy summer days , a bottle of Jack Daniels and this song vibrating   in your  head and waking the neighbourhood as Mona growls and a guitar solo cuts through the air.

The title track “Scars and Crosses”   is  the heaviest track, and brings this Album to a head snapping, fist punching end and just has to be an encore song and it’s a huge declaration of intent from  these German Stoner lords and Lady!


So basically:

“Scars and Crosses”  is going to please fans of this genre with its Heavy , Sludge, Blues infected moments fulfilling a wondrous dream with its  ups and downs that create such  psychedelic adventures .


Review :Seb Di Gatto   Score :9/10



1.A Silver Heart
2.Darkest Days
3.The Gatekeeper
5.Portrait Mind
7.Down to the Sky
8.Scars & Crosses


High Fighter Band Members:

Mona Miluski – vocals

Christian "Shi" Pappas – guitar

Ingwer Boysen – guitar

Constantin Wüst – bass

Thomas Wildelau –  drums & backing vocals


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