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Humbucker from Norway have produced an album that is awash in the Eighties, it could have come from that great decade of hair metal and decadence. 


First listen to opener 'The Way I Am' is drizzled with Kiss meets Warrant, a party anthem if ever there was one.  'Black Nickel' delivers a punch as guitarists John Petter Pershaug and Vidar Svanheld let out some meaty guitar riffs, Jan Anders Boen on vocals raspy vocals are quite frankly amazing.  (Ok back to Kiss, the second song has a vibe from Kiss's 'Hot In The Shade' album).


Next we have 'Priscilla' a bluesy, country feel honky tonk number, as the acoustic guitar opens and a women’s humming opens the track. This is an old western bar room song, with a bit of rock n' roll added to the mix.  Ok at this point I am like, are you sure this band are Norwegian!  Even the slide guitar just makes you think this band must be from the Southern States of the US of A. 


Then 'Paradise' is a jiving, rocking metal meltdown, dancing around the room song.  A track you can’t not move your feet to! 'There Will Never Be Another' slows the mood right down and is a sad, heartfelt number.  A very touching song.  Ok the fuel is thrown into the fire as 'Doing My Job (In A rock and roll Band)' cranks the mood back up and rocks and rolls, as these guys do what they say on the tin.  Rocking in a rock n' roll band! 

'That Girl of Mine' and 'She Blows my Mind', think Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat and Aerosmith at their most hedonistic and throw in some cheesy Steel Panther.  You have two songs to transport you back twenty five years ago. 


'Dipstick Joe', this song is class, as Jan Anders tells you the story of 'Dipstick Joe'.  This is a daft tune, again with a country, blues tinged feel.  A great good time song to make you smile and with a great guitar solo.  It’s rocking. 


Final song 'Dancin Daisy' is another fun fuelled track to get you moving, with groovy fun time rock.  Favorite track on here for me personally has to be the Kiss inspired opener 'The Way I Am' and it has been said that this has to be the coolest album to of come of out Norway in ten years, I don’t think they are far wrong on that note.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. The Way I Am
2. Black Nickel
3. Priscilla
4. Paradise
5. There Will Never Be Another
6. Doing My Job (In A Rock And Roll Band)
7. That Girl Of Mine
8. She Blows Me Blind
9. Dipstick Joe
10. Dancin' Daisy

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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