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                                                               Starbound Beast  Napalm Records

Huntress recently played the Download Festival in the UK and they follow up their debut album 'Spell Eater' with a scorching offering of  metal abandonment, in an Eighties style.  This album opens up with one and a half minutes of atmospheric music, then my personal favourite track on here 'Blood Sisters' finds vocalist Jill Janus displaying her skills, as her banshee screams and jewel encrusted growls delve into your being.  This is a fantastic assault on your ears and will wreck many brain cells.  It’s thrashy and bruising. 

'I Want To Fuck You To Death' co-written with Motorhead legend Lemmy is “Heavy Metal” heaven, sexy and intense.

  I can clearly see it becoming a live favourite, it's dead catchy and will stick in your head. 


'Destroy Your Life' crashes out of the gates of Babylonia, it bruises with a snarl and a grimace of destruction. The album title 'Starbound Beast' digs into hard rocking territory, it's good, but not the strongest  track.  'Zenith' and the next track 'Oracle' both step up and hit the bull’s eye with a steel hammer. 


You get adrenaline infused riffs, pounding drums and heavy thundering bass playing, as Jill Janus delivers some killer screams to curdle the devils porridge. '“Zenith' has just been released as a video and is dedicated to Huntress`s fans and brought the bands galactic hallucinations to life.  It’s well worth checking out on the internet!! 


'Receiver' is raspy and growling, not the best track on the album but still very enjoyable, especially part way through the song as it kind of goes a bit progressive and has some superb guitar soloing.  'Spectura Spectural' and 'Alpha Tauri' are the two longest tracks on here and both show the bands ability to weave metal and harmonies to an ecstatic crescendo.  'Running Wild' starts at a sprint and simply doesn’t stop, as the tempo is kept to the max and it finishes off a decent album from these Californian Metallers. 


Now I am not a mega female vocalist fan, but Jill Janus delivers some stunning vocals throughout the album with an Iron clad fist studded with steel spikes and venom.  Without a doubt 'Starbound Beast' is heavy, fierce and should set the Metal world alight!  If you are in the States, Huntress are due to hit the road with Danzig as well as Lamb of God.  They have delivered a class album of scintillating Metal that will please and win over many fans new and old the world over and beyond.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Enter The Exosphere
2. Blood Sisters
3. I Want To Fuck You To Death
4. Destroy Your Life
5. Starbound Beast
6. Zenith
7. Oracle
8. Receiver
9. Spectra Spectral
10. Alpha Tauri
11. Running Wild

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