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                                                                                         Emmanuel Jessua (Guitar, lead vocals) of Hypno5e


MM:Hi, Great to chat to you! You will be playing Rock The Coast Festival in Spain in June (14th /15th), how excited are you to be joining such a stellar line up?                      

EJ:Hi! We can't wait! Being on the same event as Wardruna and Opeth feels great, it will also be a good opportunity to see other bands like Dark Tranquillity or Carcass, and to discover plenty of bands yet unknown to us. We haven't been in Spain for a few years, even if it is a neighbouring country, so it feels great to come back. 

MM: The Festival takes place in a beautiful Holiday hotspot, will you guys be staying for all of the Festival and enjoying the Spanish Sun, beer and amazing bands?

EJ:Yep, exactly. We planned to stay there for the whole festival, to chill and rejoice. 

MM: Who will you most be looking forward to seeing live at the festival?

EJ:The very first one: Wardruna. I can't wait to see what it sounds like on stage, I hope there will be a real communion between the stage and the audience. I got bored of the Vikings series but I still listen to Wardruna on a regular basis. 

MM:  You are known as a French cinematographic Metal Band, what influences you guys and what can we expect form you live? 

EJ:To describe our music, I often refer to a mix between The Dillinger Escape Plan and Pink Floyd: long songs wandering between poetry and violence, mingling nostalgia and heaviness. The show is made of several songs, tied together to make one whole journey. 

MM: What's the feedback been like for your recently released Album "Shores Of The Abstract Line”?

EJ:Very good reviews from the media as well as from the fans, we're really glad about how it got appreciated. We never got the opportunity to play it in Spain, so we are going to see how it is taken there. We now just finished recording our new album, we can't wait to get it out because we feel we achieved something, something beyond us.

MM: Which two tracks from your album would you play me to introduce me to Hypno5e? 


EJ:The whole album is made to be listened at once, but if I had to choose I would say "In our deaf lands" and "Tio" because they are very different from one another. "In our deaf lands" opens the album with a cut-through riff, Greek samples and English singing whereas "Tio" is soft, acoustic, and is sung in Spanish. I guess that with those 2 songs you get a picture of what Hypno5e can be. 

MM : What do you like best about touring - how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible? 

EJ:We play as much as possible in every place possible. We've been touring for 14 years now, in many countries, and we still love it. Being on stage is our only way to be ourselves. Every one in the band is pretty much different from all the others, we have few in common, but on stage we stand like a wall, playing and moving, living the music for itself. We spend the whole day waiting for that moment, to share with the audience what makes us feel alive, to share what life is worth for. So yes, we'll do it as much as we can!

MM: Whats the Metal scene like in France?

EJ:It has a lot of variety, it's very rich and eclectic, with some pionners that we can proudly quote as French. It's most of the time safe to get out on a metal show here, because there's a passion for it definitely, on both sides of course, artists and public. I like how french music is represented today, bands like Klone, Trepalium, Hacride, Eryn Non Dae, Deluge, Uneven Structure, Kadinja, Comity, Birds in Row, and i could quote dozens of equally cool bands, have done it right lot of times ! And i also like the enthusiasm around metal in this country, it's not as metal as Norway, but it leaves more room for genres like hardcore, stoner, prog, post-core-whatever, djent... Dig it !

MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?

EJ:A Gwar show is the best total show you can ever dream of. Gwar shares so much with the audience, no one can equal that; it's a mix of music, theatre, aesthetics, comics, comedy... Total art! For a long time I dreamt of having the same project in France and in French, but it would only be a copy of Gwar, for some time I was saying to myself that I should wait for them to disappear to start something alike, but they are gods (Gods-WAR), they will never die. With Hypno5e we worked our asses off to get a good stage ensemble: lights and videos go along tightly with the music so the audience gets a show that ears and eyes will remember. 

MM - Being in a Metal band you’re bound to like a drink or two, so who’s the party animal of the band and what’s their poison?

EJ:Emmanuel, the singer-guitarist, is hyperactive, he always needs to be doing something, so, when he's bored, he throws himself on beers and whiskey. These days we drink more tequila because it gives energy, and 2 tours in Mexico in one year got us addicted. 

MM:  Which are your two favourite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally?

EJ:It is a very difficult question. Several albums are pinpoints in my life, to pick up 2 favourite ones seems impossible. My discography runs from Frehel (1910) to Ahab's "The Giant (2012) and still counting. I listen to some albums according to the things I live at the moment, each album has a colour sympathetic with a momentum. I spend so much time trying to catch up with what has already been recorded in the past, I only have little time to hear what's new, there are so many records coming out every day and so many records from the past that I haven't listened to. I discover new music  (to my ears) every day. 

MM: Four Words to describe Hypno5e
EJ:Wandering through distant memories.

MM: Quick Fire Round

1.Festival or Small intimate gig?

2.Vinyl or Digital? 

EJ:Both (vinyl for home, digital for travelling)
3.Snails or croissants? 

4. Wine or Beer?

EJ: Tequila
5. Micky Mouse or Donald Trump? 

EJ:Karl Marx. 

Final words for our readers and your fans:

We can't wait to see you in Malaga, come and share this moment with us!                   Facebook

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