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                                                                                                                         I AM I 

                                                                                                Event Horizon  I AM I Records  

I AM I are fronted by former Dragonforce vocalist Z.P. Theart, also in their ranks they have the mega talented Polish guitarist  Jacob Ziemba, whose guitar skills are outstanding,  Phil Martini on drums and Neil Salmon on bass guitar.  Having played Bloodstock on the main stage in the Summer, they are now heading out and to play smaller venues in support of their debut album 'Event Horizon' mid-October and will also be playing two sets at the forthcoming Hard Rock Hell in Wales as well. 


One acoustic on the 30th November and an all metal set on the 1st December.

Also I AM I are the Editors Choice of album releases for the month of September here at The Metal Gods Meltdown.  


Opening with 'This Is My Life', the track opens with a deep keyboard sound which reverbs around the room, then you are immediately struck by a huge cacophony of guitars and drums. 

I really like Z.P. Theart's vocals, as they are refreshing clear and concise, and this is a great opener to a stupendous album. 


'Silent Genocide' is very melodic and catchy and is easily one of the best tracks on the album.  The song has been released as the band’s debut video and personally I think sums up the I AM I sound is all about to a tee.  It's metal with AOR influences   and great sing-along choruses with top notch riffs.  'Stay A While' has a delicate keyboard in the background then gathers pace, crunching guitars and beautiful dreamy guitar solo as the song gets close to the end.  I could listen to that meandering solo all day.


It also has to be said Z.P. Theart has such a tremendous vocal range.

He has a unique style, which at times is quite breath taking.   

'Cross The Line' starts off slow then builds up to a crescendo of heavy bass and drumming and more spell blinding solos.   'In The Air Tonight' has magnificent guitar playing and being halfway through the album, it has to be said the whole album does not disappoint for guitar solos and is outstanding in every sense of the word. 


'King In Ruins' is a ballad and for myself personally, my least favorite track, but don’t let that detract from the actual song.  Strong vocals and as the song reaches its climax, those solos are there and are so passionate they could make you ears bleed. 


'Kiss of Judas' is the longest track on 'Event Horizon' and is progressive metal at its finest and drags you by your studded wrist bands into chugging guitars and all out powerful vocals from Theart and is very spellbinding. 

'Dust To Dust' is a metal marathon of head-banging insanity.  I dare you to sit there and not move your head to this song! 


'Wasted Wonders' is another one where you will struggle not to move and want to jig and punch the air.  'Pave The Way' is a lot slower in tempo and very melodic ending, to an album played by great musicians and another must have album without a doubt.  This is an album that will please all fans of Hard Rock / Heavy Metal and simply good, passionate music.


Review by: The Metal Gods




1.  This Is My Life 
2.  Silent Genocide
3.  Stay A While
4.  Cross The Line
5.  In The Air Tonight
6.  King In Ruins
7.  Kiss Of Judas
8.  Dust 2 Dust
9.  Wasted Wonders
10.  Pave The Way


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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