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                                                                                                                        Title: Impulse

                                                                                                               Release Date: 30th September 2016

Idlewar released an EP  last year that whetted people’s appetite , now they   return with their debut Album “Impulse” and it promises to cause one hell of a stir in the world of Hard Rock, this talented three-piece hail from Orange Country, California.

They bust some mean and meaty grooves on the opening track “Stone in My Heel” it has a swagger of blues infusion, with a no nonsense good time feel that will get you moving to the bands rich , and fulsome  rhythms.


“Soul” is a punchy number that pummels and bruises it's way in with Blues soaked  abandonment. James Blake’s Bass combined with his Vocals drive hard  indeed shaking the Walls and Foundations! “Criminal” is the first single from this opus and it’s easy to see why, with it's pounding Drums courtesy of Rick Pagonis ,and masterful Guitar man ship from Rick Graham ,taking you on a mesmeric Rocking adventure as Blake weaves his Vocal magic , it’s a vibrant ,head noddingly ,catchy anthem.


 “All That I’ve Got” is a slow burner that has taken a fair few plays for me to really appreciate, but yeah it’s a grower and Blake’s emotionally inspired vocals sure hit the spot.

Next track sees this three piece back up to speed with the outrageously addictive and groove filled “Innocent”. The Cymbals crash hard and heavy as “Glory” unfolds itself in a gigantic righteous launch of Stoner Laden Brimstone fire that booms and blasts out of your sound system, without a doubt this is  my favourite track from these talented Californians. The irrepressible rhythm section create a gold mine of intense Stoner enhancement with the excellent “Apathy”.


Kicking back down by the Bayou comes to mind with “Damage” with it's addictive, pulsing  beat that pulls you  deeper and deeper  into the songs grooves.  

Penultimate song  “Burn”  chugs along getting  your pulse racing as the band set alight to your senses , it’s a burning monster of kick ass riffs.

Final track “On Our Knees” finishes as the Album started with  real swagger ,and heads down boogying rhythm to delight and draw in the masses!


To sum up this immense release we say:

If you love your music with a blues drenched,  emotionally charged delivery this is gonna rock your world, believe me when I say “Impulse” will have you pressing auto play again and again it is so worth it!  


NB: Idlewar head out on a tour in the UK with British Rockers Stone Broken in November!  


Review Written August 18th 2016              


Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score:9/10            Facebook  Website 


Track Listing

1.     Stone In My Heel

2.     Soul

3.     Criminal

4.     All That I’ve Got

5.     Innocent

6.     Glory

7.     Apathy

8.     Damage

9.     Burn

10.   On Our Knees


Idlewar is:
James Blake – Vocals & bass guitar
Rick Graham – Guitar
Peter Pagonis – Drums

Facebook   Website    Twitter 

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