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                                                                   Ill Disposed 
                                         With The Lost Souls On Our Side   Massacre Records


Denmark’s Death Metallers have been in existence since the early 90's and are a band who have released twelve albums to date.  Well 'With The Lost Souls On Our Side' it’s good and not disappointing, it is what it is, Death Metal to please their fans and the genres masses. 


The opening track is brutal its face peeling and hellish with riffs and growls to have you breaking your neck by head-banging so hard to the fast and viciousness that these Danes deliver.  It’s a scorching opener and promises much for the following eleven tracks. 


'Light In The Dark' oozes with doom and deathly vibes but the thing is Death Metal has so many different connotations.  These days I found a lot of the tracks to be quite old school death metal and nothing really grabbing my attention until further into the album with tracks like 'Tugging At Your Heart' showing no mercy and taking no prisoners. 

It rips into your head and is totally vicious and the standout tune for me with the album opener.  


'The Plan' works well, it’s an intense and angry number.  A lot of this album reminds me at times of Behemoth with the full on aggression and non-stop scintillating metal that tears down the walls and spits fire and brimstone into your brain.  I would imagine fans of the band will adore this album. 

I would say for any one not familiar with this bands work I would investigate their earlier releases.


It’s a competent album but for me personally it’s not ticking all the boxes.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto


1.  Going Down
2. The Way We Choose
3. Light In The Dark
4. I Am What I Am
5. Tugging At Your Heart
6. A Dreaded Pursuer
7. The Be Dealt With
8. On A Clouded Morning
9. No More Devil To Show
10. The Plan
11. Life Equals Zero
12. Reversed


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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