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   Title: Venom  Label: Frontier Records
                                                                                                            Release Date : April 21st
 Impellitteri have been knocking around the Rock and Metal  scene since the mid eighties, back in the day when MTV was king they were often featured on The Headbangers Ball programme and were regularly played  to  millions of adoring fans and a band I couldnt get enough off in my youth!

They released their first album all the way back in  88, their new album "Venom" is the bands decimo (10th) album, due to be unleashed on the world on April the 21st  USA , 17th Europe.

The band features a who's who of Heavy Metal, the band consists of Chris Impellitteri on Lead Guitar, James Pulli Bass, Jon Dette on drums whos one helluva  of a drummer!  Having sat behind the drums for Metal giants like Slayer,   and Testament   to name but a few.

The superb and hugely under rated  Rob Rock on Lead Vocals, leads you through an album to delight and en-thrall Metal heads old and new, the guy has sung on a shedload of albums continuing to impress and amaze you with his range and delivery on "Venom"  its a track like the title, with a poisonous and acid delivery that  will astonish you when you take into account that  he is not a young whippersnapper,  Rock is phenomenal through out the album.


The guitar hero that is Chris Impellitteri shreds  his guitar making it scream, having spent over three years mastering a new picking skill , the speed and crystal clear lucidity is truly astounding. (Check out the Gods Interview  below where he explains the new mastery )

James Pulli on Bass delivers Metal tones that  grind deep into the earths core.  The solos are many and varied throughout this opus.


Second song on the disc "Empire of Lies" continues to rock and shake the aforementioned earths core. "We Own The Night" stirs the cauldron whips of Metal delirium, the uplifting good time lyrics hook you in, this is a statement of intent to the world, Impellitteri are back with a truly venomous attack and do indeed tear up the whole town.

"Nightmare" together with the previous track are personal highlights , infact they are all highlights lets be honest !  "Nightmare" is heavy and divine ,it crushes your head in a maelstrom of heavy shredding and paint stripping vocals.

"Face The Enemy"  its a slower song , which should be lauded and played everywhere, every damn day!


"Domino Theory" is a telling song that takes you into the worlds troubles of terrorism and annihilation, its intelligent delivery sees more killer riffs and shredding work by guitar hero Impelliteri.

Your head wont stop banging as  "Jehova " steps into the Arena and  batters your brains into a  Meltdown of Metal ecstasy. 

"Rise" To the challenge and show those horns as these Veterans wipe the floor with their contemporaries the uplifting vocals just continue to delight and inspire as the music flows  through your veins from this masterful injection of  Metallic heaven on "Time Machine" and final track "Holding On" rips  into your head,  and delivers the final blows of Heavy Metal Insanity on "Venom" or does it ?  

Apparently the  album has two bonus tracks  which were not included in the Review  I was sent over,  so I cant comment on them, but if they are anything like the ten tracks on offer here you are not going to be disppointed in the slightest!

This is  a PROPER Heavy Metal release , no cookie monster growls, a 100 per cent behemoth is in your presence with "Venom" The Metal album of 2015 ? possibly could and should be!

 NB: Check out our in depth interview with Chris Impellitteri

 Review : Seb Di Gatto    Score: 10/10   Facebook   Website

 1. Venom
 2. Empire Of Lies
 3. We Own The Night
 4. Nightmare
 5. Face The Enemy
 6. Domino Theory
 7. Jehovah
 8. Rise
 9. Time Machine
 10. Holding On                                


 The Band:
 Chris Impellitteri - Lead Guitar
 Rob Rock - Lead Vocals
 James Pulli - Bass
 Jon Dette - Drums

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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