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                                                                                                            Title: Blinding Force

                                                                                                            Label: No Remorse Records

                                                                                                            Release Date:07/11/22

This is how Metal used to be! It’s great when a band pulls out all the cards and wins hands down as Incursion have done here with this new album! We have nine tracks of mean, gritty, blistering, pure head-banging thundering pure metal insanity as the title track“Blinding Force” opens proceedings the band deals a hand of punchy riffs to please Metallers old and new. This chugs and twirls into your conscience with its twin guitars, melodic overlays, and steady beating drums transport me back to days when I had no grey hairs, was as fit as a fiddle, and generally annoying the neighbors with Saxon!  Ahh, nostalgia!


“Vengeance” bursts into life as these metallers man the guns and fire a salvo of riffs, drums, and a full-on catchy chorus.  Steve Samson on vocals, Maxx Havik, Michael Lashinsky on guitars, Robbie Crede on bass, and drummer Dan Douchette really deliver the goods here make no mistake! Recently released we have the badass and personal favorite “Running Out” this is a heads-down, horns-in-the-air song. “The Sentinel” is a slower track and builds into another anthem of massive proportions. The full-on Metal assault resumes with the stunning “The Rites” a galloping morsel of fist-pumping delirium that leads into the delicious and killer "Master of Evil”.

The doom-laden “Strike Down” takes you into a dreamscape of heavenly metal delights and reminds me a little bit of Black Sabbath (Dio era).

A catchy riff on “Hang 'em High” along with the powerhouse drumming and the punishing bass makes this track rock big time.

The final track is “Riot Act” whenever I hear that title, I think classic Skid Row but thankfully this isn’t a cover of that great song, no this is Incursion's own “Riot Act” and like the aforementioned song by one of my favorite bands, this is a no-nonsense song, that delivers on all fronts and brings this superb album to a close.


The band wears their hearts on their sleeves and these guys are clearly influenced by Maiden, Sabbath, and the NWOBHM.  To sum up, if you love your old-school metal with a modern edge, go and grab a hold of “Blinding Force”..IT RAWKS!


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:8.5/10

Reviewed: 15/10/22


Tracklisting:                                                Facebook

1. Blinding Light

2. Vengence

3. Running Out

4. The Sentinel

5. The Rites

6. Master of Evil

7. Strike Down

8. Hang em High

9. Riot Act

Band Line up:

Vocalist Steve Samson

Guitar Maxx Havick

Guitar Michael Lashinsky

Drummer Dan Douchette                            

Bassist Robbie Crede.

Blinding Force (1).jpg

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