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                                                                                         Indestructible Noise Command
                                                                                               Black Hearse Serenade
                                                                                               Label:Ferocious Records


"Black Hearse Serenade" is the new studio album by U.S thrash metal band Indestructible Noise Command which is a concept album, it tells the  story,( set in Southern California,) of a broken man, his congregation of runaways, junkies and lost souls all on a murderous path to brutal  finality.

A childhood filled with embarrassment and shame, born of religious zealotry and an overbearing mother, that broken child has now become a man."


The opening has a choir of lost souls within a live setting and then the band explodes into life,  I love the perceptive lyrics , easily understandable and delivered with menace by vocalist Dennis Gergely.

"Stirring The Flock" is a ruthless opener, and in your minds eye you can see mosh pits explode as the guitars are shredded and all hell fire is released on the audience.

There's no let up as "Sainted Sinners" decimates your brain cells with chugging guitars and Gergely spitting out the words "You Filthy Heathens" this is  excellent!
"Cyanide and Whiskey" is a bit different from the rest of the tracks on here, it sees Gergely and the band take on a experimental  vibe , its a bit obscure, but still thrashes like a mutha!


"Organ Grinder" is a pulverising machine , its got more venom than a pissed off rattle snake,the guitars are sharp and cut through the flesh in a frenzied attack.
Album title "Black Hearse Serenade" is spat out , delivered with verve and malice, it's bitter and twisted.

"The Lies We Devour" throws you headlong into the pit as the Metal insanity continues , the guitars and drums thunder as you mosh  thrashing  yourself senseless! "Lucky #7" fulminates , embedding the song in your head.


"Invite This Plague"is a personal favourite ,its deep grooved and sees these New York Thrashers deliver a  slower song which is still fucking vicious and a Metal heads delight!


Penultimate song "No Turning Back" is a gripping song that leads "Love Like Napalm" is the Final track its a slow burner that builds and becomes a heavy monster with sublime lyrics.


The artwork for "Black Hearse Serenade" was illustrated by world-renowned dark artist Sam Shearon. Shearon's countless creations include cover art for many popular mediums, including album art for bands such as MINISTRY, BIOHAZARD, ROB ZOMBIE, and more.


Guitarist Erik Barath states: "The art reflect the theme that religion can be used as a weapon by those who dwell in its darkest corners." So to sum up , its kind of like Thrashes version of " Mindcrime " , "Crimson Idol" the lyrics are spectacular and deep, it will appeal to fans of Onslaught and Exodus and is  worth checking out whilst diving into the pit!

 Review: Seb Di Gatto Score: 8.5 /10


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Track listing:
01. Stirring The Flock
02. Sainted Sinners
03. Cyanide and Whiskey
04. Organ Grinder
05. Black Hearse Serenade
06. The Lies We Devour
07. Lucky #7  
08. Invite This Plague
09. No Turning Back
10. Love Like Napalm


 I.N.C. are:
Dennis Gergely - Vocals
Erik Barath - Guitar
Anthony Fabrizi - Guitar
Dave Campo - Bass
Kyle Shepard - Drums














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