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                                                                                                 Insolace Interview  03/04/20

MM:Can you tell us about your band and who’s your biggest influences? 

Ans:Our band is based in London, but me (Sam) and our vocalist (Millie) are based in Brighton. The band was formed by Conor after his previous band Oceans, which I was apart of split up in late 2018. We spoke about moving the band’s based location from Brighton to London, and he asked if I was up for starting something new. I saw potential in the new material he had written, so I was down for it. So we recruited Onyi in December 2018, Regan in January and Millie in March. Since then, writing between us all has been a breeze as the range of musical influences really adds to the style of the tracks. We recorded three Singles in Devon last June, all which have been released between September and March this year. So it’s all progress so far! In terms of the band’s main influences though, we could list so many. I’d say three main ones which stick out for me are Don Broco, Marmozets and Vukovi.


MM:What would you say is your band’s favorite song?

Ans:Currently, I’m not so sure as we’ve written so many tracks, the decision is probably quite split now. I know that when when we recorded the singles last June, ‘Calm’ was the majority favorite as it had so much energy


MM: Plans tour and festivals wise for 2020? 

Ans:Well we definitely plan to get more tracks recorded and out into the world this year, how many of them though remains to be confirmed. Festivals and tours, we started discussing what we were aiming for, but in the midst of this pandemic with the Coronavirus we’re not too sure when we can actually look into starting the planning for tours and festivals again. Right now we’re just promoting our current single ‘Not Alright’ online in the most effective way we can.


MM: What can we expect from Insolace live? 

Ans:Energy. That comes naturally with every gig, as we’re all so passionate about what we do and what we’ve written together. The set in my opinion is quite diverse too, between the range of tracks we have which are diverse emotionally and melodically from one another, we have short instrumental set fillers, which let us do our necessities between tracks. They’re all quite unique in their own way so we notice that at every show we play, it keeps the audience’s attention while we do what we do. 


MM:Which three bands would be your ultimate touring buddies?

Ans: Tool, Metallica and Karnivool. Three bands that have shaped my musical influences and how I construct my bass lines in any piece of music, from when I started right up until now. The level of musicianship also from these three is unquestionable from the material they’ve each produced. 


MM:What’s the most memorable concert you’ve been to (other than your own) and why? 

Ans:The most memorable was probably my first one, which was seeing Velvet Revolver at the Brighton Centre back in 2008. The energy and sound live was something I’d never experienced before, and seeing musicians like Slash and Scott Weiland in person was quite profound for me. I’d definitely say seeing Tool live and Rammstein also need a mention, as those were two of the best live shows I’ve seen sonically and visually.


MM:Which are your two favourite albums of all time?

Ans:It’s tough, but I’d say 10,000 days by Tool, which for me is the best written album ever, and Themata by Karnivool. Dynamically those albums do so much, which makes them still so interesting years after I first heard them. 


MM:Can you remember the first time you played live and how it felt having people watching you?

Ans: I can, I had my girlfriend at the time there and it was in a band called Marebito which was with two of my brothers. I was so nervous beforehand, but playing to an audience for the first time, the adrenaline rush was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I just remember knowing after that music was something I needed to strive to do as a career long term. Funnily enough, it was the night before the Velvet Revolver gig, so I had two first times two nights in a row. 


MM:Growing up, which bands posters did you have on your wall? 

Ans:As I shared a bedroom with two of my brothers, I never really had the freedom too much freedom to plaster my walls with posters, haha. I only had two I think, which was a Guns N’ Roses poster and Metallica’s Master of Puppets Album cover.


MM: What’s the most important thing for the band right now? 

Ans:I’d say between all of us, constant progress is something we’d all agree on. From my experience, when things feel like they’re coming to a halt, people tend to lose interest and they start to pursue other things. Other than that just writing frequently and playing regular shows is a must I think for every band to stay their sharpest.


MM: If you could do a cover of any song, which would it be and why?

Ans: I’d love to cover ‘Rosetta Stoned’ by Tool, it’s such a tune. Although I’ve recently suggested to the others making our own rendition of ‘Circles’ by Post Malone. I’ve started to become a fan of his recently, and that track is definitely one recently that’s caught my ear. 


MM:Tell us why we should buy and listen to your band? 

Ans:I think between Millie’s vocals, which are catchy and melodically interesting, and the instrumental side of the music which is dynamically different with each track, we offer a unique sound which would interest quite a range of music listeners. The topics Millie writes about are also really relevant in today’s society, so I think many people can relate to what she sings about.


MM: Four words to describe Insolace. 

Ans:Melodic. Emotive. Dynamic. Bored (due to self isolation)! 


MM:Final words for your fans and readers

Ans: Keep up to date with us, as we’re a proactive bunch that all want the same thing, so if you like what you hear, there’ll be plenty more of the same to follow this year! 


Interview : By Seb Di Gatto                                                       Facebook




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