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                                                                                                  Iron Kingdom

                                                                                            Label: Independent

                                                                                            Title: “The Blood of Creation”

                                                                                            Release Date: November 4th 2022

Canadian metallers Iron Kingdom return with their fifth studio album “The Blood of Creation” an album full of fantasy and historical inspirations this opus is a spellbinding journey.
Led by Chris Osterman (Lead/ vocals guitar), Megan Merrick (Lead guitar), and a driven rhythm section of Leighton Holmes and new addition to the band Max Friesen on drums your ears are in for a bombastic treat!

Opening with the intro” Tides of Desolation” before the pure metal onslaught begins with the face-melting “Sheathe The Sword”. From this point, there is no turning back as Holmes and Friesen pound out the backbeat as the lead guitars of Merrick and Osterman lay waste to all those who dare stand in the way as the metal blade swirls into the room as Osterman’s soaring vocals pierce the sky. 
One of my favorite tracks on here must be “Queen of The Crystal Throne” it builds into a powder keg of heady bass and drums that are ignited by magnificent vocals; this is an addictive classic metal track that would not be out of place on any Iron Maiden release.
Think I have pissed my neighbors off by playing this album so much! “Hunter and Prey” kicks up a storm with its pounding drums and booming bass from hell as banshee wails ignite the room. “Witching hour” bombards its way through your senses, then takes a different direction part way through and sends shivers up and down your spine, a damn fine mighty tune.

Soaring guitars, and drumming from the recesses of Babylon “In the grip of nightmare “is a neck-breaking track that could leave you in traction for weeks!! A nifty instrumental is up next as “The Blood of Creation” comes to a spectacular close with “King of Twilight”. This thirteen minutes plus ending captures the full essence of splendor and metal majesty that may leave you drained, exhausted, and exhilarated as this magical mythical expedition ends.
Having only purchased their last album “On the Hunt” and heard some of their earlier work, I would strongly urge fans of classic Metal to check out these guys are so damn impressive on this latest work of art and fully deserve to take the next step up to Heavy Metal greatness!

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9.5/10


Track Listing:​
1. Tides Of Desolation
2. Sheathe The Sword
3. Queen of the Crystal Throne

4. Hunter and Prey
5. Witching Hour
6. In The Grip of Nightmares

7. Primordial

8. The Blood of Creation

Chris Osterman (Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar)

Leighton Holmes (Bass Guitar)

Megan Merrick (Lead Guitar)

Max Friesen (Drums)

IK - Album Cover - The Blood of Creation 2022.jpg

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