Title: Prophecy

                                                                                                           Label: Independent

                                                                                                           Release Date: May 29th, 2020

So far in this plague filled year, there have been some stellar releases arriving and been reviewed here at The Metal Gods Meltdown Towers.

And one Debut that outshines all the others so far has to be “Prophecy” an EP by Australian Progressive Metallers Ironstone. To say its remarkable is an understatement especially when it comes to your attention that this is by a group of teenagers it is mind-blowing.

“Downpour” opens proceedings with an Asiatic feel thrown into the mix as a Japanese Koto and Dan Charltons Vocals draw you in, this phenomenal start has one immediately hooked, let this song soak into you, a killer opener which will be accompanied by a new video in the coming weeks, what a start to an exemplary release. This platter just continues to impress as “Bound” with the Drums of Jackson Whyte and Oliver Hosking’s Bass pounding into your soul as Edward Warren lets fly on his Guitar with the accompaniment of Aidan Kalms (Rhythm Guitar) you will be transfixed as Dan Charlton’s Vocals remind me at times of Matt Heafy, so as you can probably tell by now that I am a fan of this work and took me ages to get past these two tracks when I first received “Prophecy”.


It's head down, horns in the air all the way with the thunderous “Better Unseen” the Drums and Bassline come at you like an express train with Charlton taking the automotive though different speeds with his stunning Vocals.

My personal favorite song on here today is the deeply dark and mesmerizing, made for Rap! “Killed a man” it appeals to anyone with a sense of black humor and kicks ass, I really love it! Next, we get “Hollow” this has telling lyrics and a massive feel to it, kind of feels relevant in today's dark days, and I tell you the Guitar solo sends shivers through you. This impressive debut comes to an end with “Origins” another massive addictive number, which wraps up one of the best EPS I have had the pleasure of reviewing in years!

While in these unprecedented days of lockdown I have been playing this daily, some parts remind me of early Queensryche with a touch of Trivium thrown into the mix. I cannot enthuse enough about Ironstone from a small town in OZ called Bendigo. These Antipodeans have produced an EP that should send waves of euphoria through the Metal community. Ironstone has a MASSIVE future ahead mate!   


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 5/5               Facebook

Reviewed: 30/04/20



2.Better Unseen

3.Killed A Man



Dan Charlton - Lead Vocals
Edward Warren - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Aidan Kalms - Rhythm Guitar
Oliver Hosking - Bass Guitar
Jackson Whyte - Drums, Vocals



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