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                                                                                                         Jack Russell's Great White

                                                                                                     "He Saw it Coming"

                                                                                                     Label: Frontiers srl

                                                                                                     Release Date: 27th January 2017

Jack Russell has had a turbulent career ,from being the Front man of the hugely successful  Hard Rockers Great White  and achieving worldwide sales in excess of 8 million , to having Drug and Alcohol addictions and the well documented and nasty rift with former band mates in Great White .Russell formed Jack Russell's Great White in 2011 and returns in 2017  with "He Saw It Coming". 

For me Jack Russell is  the one and only true voice of Great White and this release  is something special ,  featuring  alongside himself is  former band mate from Great White  bassist-turned-guitarist Tony Montana (as a guitar player and keyboardist), Dan McNay (Montrose) on bass, Robby Lochner (Fight) on guitar and Dicki Fliszar (Skin) on drums.

Opening with "Sign of The Times"  a telling tale of how the world has changed with the Internet, Social Media trolls and peoples needs to be famous no matter what the consequences, its a bouncing opener with no messing blues infused riffs. 


Next we get "She Moves Me" a song that encapsulates old school Great White that runs nicely into the excellent foot tapping , boogying party piece "Crazy" with some magical blues induced riff-age this is a true winner to get even the most sad  and boring individuals (who just  stand statuesque in the crowd ) moving their body , rocking and singing  the hell outta the place.  "Love Don't Live Here" is a calming number after the previous track, this is full of harmonious moments and hits a high with its addictive chorus and Delicious musicianship.

"My Addiction" is self explanatory if you know any thing about Mr. Russell's dalliance with various substances ,and Alcohol consumption, This is a seductive piece of hard rocking insanity with the most kick ass guitar solo that creeps and crawls into your soul as the self assessment of struggles and battles against these narcotics bleeds outta of your speakers. 


"Anything For You" is a song I have taken to my heart personally as my partner  battles  a life threatening illness , this is a beautiful ballad and that comes from someone who struggles to listen to ballads and fully appreciate them! 


Next we get the title track "He Saw it Comin" is a  raucous and rocking tune as Russell weaves the  tale of how he made it his goal to become a Rock star after listening to The Beatles "Help" when he was six years old and this is him telling you  "Hey Mutha Fuckers" I did it!! "He saw it Coming" he knew , and he damn well delivered it !!  

"Don't Let Me Go" has the characteristic bluesy riffs so beloved of Great White fans , it is  chilling out in your hammock with a cold beer ,  on a scorching hot summers day kinda track. "Spy Vs Spy"  is another uptempo piece  to jump on the tables and partyyyyy to! "Blame it on The Night" is very reminescent of Alice Cooper in many ways circa "Poison" the music is a winning formula to enrapture the masses with the   lyrical content deals with parental abuse it is cutting edge and tragic, in many ways yet bouncing music wise if that makes sense.


Final song "Godspeed" opens with a barber shop quartet score and is great fun this is  one to end a night of perfectly delivered Blues and Rock that pierces your heart and will have you singing along all day everyday!          

I have been a fan of  Jack Russell and Great White since the Eighties and this is the first time I have actually gotten the chance to  Review anything from Jack Russell and his Great White Band,this is a Hard Rocking smasher to start the year!


so to sum up 

What you have here is a powerful roller coaster ride of  good time boogying , head shaking , tear  jerking , deep and intense musicianship to sate the millions of Jack Russell's fans appetites 


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10

Reviewed : 02.01.2017


Track listing:

01. Sign Of The Times

02. She Moves Me

03. Crazy

04. Love Don't Live Here

05. My Addiction

06. Anything For You

07. He Saw It Comin'

08. Don't Let Me Go

09. Spy Vs Spy

10. Blame It On The Night

11. Godspeed


Jack Russell’s Great White


Jack Russell (Vocals)

Tony Montana (Guitar, Keyboards)

Robby Lochner (Guitar)

Dan McNay (Bass)

Dicki Fliszar (Drums)








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