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Jack Starr  Featuring Rhett Forrester

  Out of The Darkness     Limb Music 

Wow here’s an album that’s come back with a vengeance from the Eighties, 'Out of the Darkness' was released in 1984 and has been brought back to the hard rocking world with ten of the original tracks, and six bonus tracks from Jack Starr’s portfolio.  Jack Starr is not as well-known as he rightly deserves to be. To be brutally honest I kind of remember this album from 1984, it was in the middle of my Twisted Sister obsession, and so kind of passed me by! How stupid! You know what, hearing this album gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it.


This is a stunning classic Heavy Metal album that deserved more attention and kudos when it was first released in 1984.  I hope that will be the case now with 'Out of the Darkness'. The album featured Rhett Forrester who was the front man of Riot between 1981 -1984 and performed on this album with Jack Starr, and released two further solo albums before he was murdered in a failed carjacking at the age of 37 in 1994.  So what we have here is ten awesome, stunning Heavy Metal tunes that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so.


'Out of the Darkness' has everything, from Heavy Metal / Hard Rock even touching on some Jazz and Progressive Bluesy Rock.  'Concrete Warrior' opens the album and promises you that, you have a real gem in your clutches, the solos, gritty vocals and all round superb musicianship leaves you open jawed and salivating for more.  'False Messiah' would have fitted on any album from Black Sabbaths Tony Martin era; it’s got that doomy groove and vocal finesse from Forrester that made me double take on the first listen as this could easily come from 'The Headless Cross'.  Wow you have to seriously check out 'Scorcher', as the title suggests it's one and a half minutes of electrifying, and pulsating guitarmanship from Starr to rattle the dentures in your grannies mouth!  


'Wild on the Streets' is standard Eighties fare and continues to showcase Starr’s amazing axe wielding skills.  Now 'I Can’t Let You Walk Away' is a beautiful ballad that gave this dude chills the first time I heard it, especially half way through it’s an immense song that would and should have out stripped any AOR bands singles back in the day.  'Chains of Love' and the next song 'Eyes of Fire' sees the furnace door wrenched open, then fire and brimstone is delivered as Heavy Metal abandonment returns to sear your senses and have you head-banging into the night.  'Odile' is a blues drenched and hauntingly special instrumental with a twist of steel.  Now I am not a mega fan of instrumentals, but hell the instrumentals on here and the bonus ones are out of this world. 


'Let’s Get Crazy Again' just sums up for me how Heavy Metal used to be back in the Eighties, it was fun, happy party times. The album ends with an instrumental of 'Amazing Grace' which is simply immense.  On to the bonus tracks which are all stunning.  Now for me personally, too many instrumentals bore me stupid, but you know what, these didn’t, they are all unique, challenging and keep you hooked into Starr’s prolific talents.  There aren’t any words to say how good this whole re-mastered work of art is ... Just buy it!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto 



1. Concrete Warrior2. False Messiah3. Scorcher4. Wild in the Streets5. I can't Let You Walk Away5. Chains of Love7. Eyes of Fire8. Odile9. Let's get Crazy Again10. Amazing Grace11. Exodus12. Interlude in the Afternoon13. Sundance Strut14. Love in the Rain15. Last Date16. Blue Tears Falling    

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