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                                                                                  A Blissful Image Of  Dystopian Vision     Redivivus Release  

KaiDekA’s debut album, 'False Idols and Pyrite Thrones' was released just over a year ago and with their new album 'A Blissful Image of Dystopian Vision', they have taken a massive step up and delivered an album of belting, thrash which gets into your head and destroys all in it’s way.  

The album opens with a spoken monologue full of anger and venom, preparing you  for the onslaught, as the chugging guitars and drums open up 'The Nameless', a death defying scream emanates from vocalist Daz Partridge, this is an excellent opening track full of doom laden riffs and drums to wake the dead. 


An intense deep opening number by a band who describe themselves as Nu Thrash, and I kind of think that’s a great description, this is thrash, and so much more, in fact its kind innovative and you can clearly see the bands influences.  This is the bastard child of Slayer thrown together with Korn and Slipknot. 

'Pre-requisite' is loud and proud and simply has a groove of intent and insanity.  'Higs Bosun' is an extremely strong track which is quite outstanding, it’s heavy, deep and venomous, clearly showing the bands influences. 


Compared to the band’s debut this is a hell of a lot heavier, for instance 'The Vindicators Facade' and 'Shackles of The Flesh' wouldn’t be out of place on a Lamb of God album, both are brutally delivered with intent and neck breaking riffs from Curt Nash and Lewis Allen on guitars, thundering bass from Tom Healan and vocals from Partridge to peel the paint in Lucifer’s bedroom! 

The drums are given a severe beating by Jamie Gill throughout the album this guy has amazing skill and kicks the be-jesus out of his kit.  'Obsessive' will surely become a firm favourite when played live, this will have the crowd moshing, head-banging and singing along to this anthem of metal heaven. 


'Dim Cave Droan' is intelligent and telling, on today’s society where the rich get richer and the poor, poorer.  It’s insightful and delivered with hate.  The title track 'A Blissful Image of Dystopian Vision' is the winner on here, it’s impressive, absorbing and masterful!  


Kaideka hail from Cornwall and were formed back in 2007.  They have toured, and worked hard to bring their music to the masses.  I do feel they need to break out of the South West to make a real impact in the Metal world.  Whatever you do though, make sure you catch them live and grab a hold of their new album 'A Blissful Image of Dystopian Vision'!   


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. 25145400 (The Nameless)
2. Pre-requisite
3. Higs Bosun
4. The Vindicators Facade
5. Shackles Of The Flesh
6. A Drinking Song For Drug Addicts
7. Obsessive
8. Dim Cave Droan
9. A Blissful Image Of Dystopian Vision
10. Verb The Noun

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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