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                                                                                                        Long Road Made of Gold

                                                                                                        Label: Despotz Records

                                                                                                                Release Date : 8th June 2015

 Long Road Made of Gold is the Swedish band  Kachatka's  sixth album ,it's a Blues inspired release that is a bit different for me to review , a nice change. Lets be honest I wasn't ever big on the Blues influences that are in the Hard Rock/ Metal genre, back in the day when I first got into the scene in the early Eighties. But over time  I have learned to enjoy and fully appreciate this side of music combined. 


I am very surprised  how much I have enjoyed this release, this opus is packed full of Blues , Hard Rocking , Progressive musicianship that delivers on every track. From the opening gambit , with a Banjo introduction played at a blistering speed "Take Me Back Home" is a soulful mid tempo  enticing number that fuels your fire, and will rock your socks off with some sublime guitarmanship  from frontman Thomas "Juneor"Andersson, not only can this guy deliver vocally,  he can make his guitar sing , he draws you in with this highly catchy opener that promises much for the remainder of "Long Road Made of Gold".  


Tobias Strandviks drums beat fast, rocking  into the room as "Get Your Game on" bounds out from the starting gates like a whippet hyped up on ritalin , bouncing and licking your very  being, I love the deep grooves and deep bass tones from Per Wiberg, its gonna stay in your head and have you replaying it again and again as you speed down the freeway windows wide open , blasting out this number.


Like "Get Your Game on"  "Human Dynamo" sees you moving and bopping around the room ,it is addictive and another highlight on this Hard Rocking Blues infused release.

The mood slows down for "Rain" and gives you a chance to catch your breath , this work of art is soulful and  has some exquisite riffs to rock you to the core. "Who's To Blame"  pummels and assaults your senses its doom inspired heaviness rock and work on your very essence. "Mirror Mirror"  has that catchy, highly enslaving groove that sees you bouncing  around the place.  "Slowly Drifting Away" is steeped in 70s progressive music, its Heavy, Hard and a Rockers delight.


"Long Road" transports you to the Southern States of the US of A , its laid back and folksy delivery is spellbinding. The final track "To You" is the only disappoint me for on what is a superb Album I don't know ,it seems too different ,from the other nine tracks and just doesn't really fit in with the rest of the work on here, its a shame although its not a bad track, it just didn't work for me.


One of the best three piece bands  I have ever heard in Kamchatka, make sure you "Get Your Game on" and purchase this album play it damn loud grab a Budweiser and enjoy !

 Review :Seb Di Gatto  Score :9.5/10                                            

 01. Take Me Back Home
 02. Get Your Game On
 03. Made Of Gold
 04. Human Dynamo
 05. Rain
 06. Who´s To Blame                                                                                                                                               
 07. Mirror                                                                                                                                                             Facebook  Website
 08. Slowly Drifting Away
 09. Long Road
 10. To You
 11. No One That Can Tell
 12. Devil Dance


 Line Up:
 Per Viberg
 Thomas Andersson
 Tobias Strandvik

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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