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                                                        Kingdom Come

                                            Outlier  SPV Records / Steamhammer  

Ahh! Lenny Wolf and Kingdom Come, this was a band that should have gone on to be totally massive, their debut album back in 1988 the self-titled 'Kingdom Come' was a huge huge success in the States and worldwide.  This band adorned rock magazines worldwide and caught everyone's attention, yes they had there doubters with the Led Zeppelin comparisons etc., even being called Kingdom Clone!  But these rockers promised much, their second album 'In Your Face' never stood up to the debut and as history shows us, Kingdom Come kind of fell by the wayside with the arrival of Grunge, this spoiled the party for many bands. 


Kingdom Come have produced albums nearly every other year since 1988 and being honest, this is the first time I have really listened to any of their work since 1990!  So to the present, the two strongest tracks for me are the album opener 'God Does Not Sing Our Song' it’s melodic, catchy and a thought provoking song.  Second strongest song 'Running High Distortion' sees the cymbals given a hard workout it cranks it up and burns, as Wolf waxes lyrical, and sees the band deliver a song that would have fitted well on the debut album. 


Then a total change, as we get a trance, industrial themed song in 'Rough Ride Rallye' for me it doesn’t really fit on the album.  I am all for bands experimenting and yes it’s a good song but just doesn’t work for me, either keep the keyboards and dance effects in for the whole album or don’t bother! 


Ah that’s better! as 'Let the Silence Talk' bruises out of your speakers, it’s a slower song but heavy and proper Hard Rock! Next the band produces an atmospheric and trippy tune with 'Holy Curtain'.  'The Trap is Alive' is a lively little number and has some nifty, riffs.


 'Skip the Cover and Feel' er is Led Zeppelin!!! It’s so Led Zeppelin, but hell yeah the band do a fine job, seriously you can see John Bonham on the drums and Plant and Page weaving their magic with this tune!  'Don’t Want You to Wait' is different and folksy, like the lyrics and atmosphere this song creates.  'Such A Shame' is a chunky number and then final track 'When Colours Break the Sky' is the longest track on here and finishes off a pretty cool album from Lenny Wolf and his band Kingdom Come.  


Being upfront and honest, it’s taken me a while to really get into this album, but yeah it’s good and wouldn’t look out of place next to the bands debut.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. God Does Not Sing Our Song
2. Running High Distortion
3. Rough Ride Ralleye
4. Let The Silence Talk
5. Holy Curtain
6. The Trap Is Alive
7. Skip The Cover And Feel
8. Don't Want You To Wait
9. Such A Shame
10. When Colours Break The Grey


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