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                                                                                                                  Kissin Dynamite

                                                                                                      Generation Goodbye

                                                                                                      Label:AFM Records

                                                                                                      Release Date : 8th July   

 "Generation Goodbye" is the Fifth Album from Teutonic Rock Gods Kissin Dynamite and it’s with a huge amount of pleasure I get the chance to review this Album for The Metal Gods Meltdown, what can I say it's  bombastic, intelligent ,and balls to the wall , a thought provoking release that’s shows this bands immense and growing pedigree in the world of Rock and Metal.


Opening with the title track “Generation Goodbye” it’s a crowd pleasing opener that will have the whole audience clapping  and shouting “Hey”  the tones of Hannes Braun’s vocals will bring a smile to your face ,all hail this  band of Germanic awesomeness ,open your vocal chords and  sing along with the Dynamite lads!  “Hashtag Your Life” well what can you say ,this  song  says it all about modern media , social interactions and all that bullshit, this is fucking superb , I love the lyrics the  world has become obsessed by what is going on social media , constantly on a mobile phone at gigs ,on the street etc etc. 

This song sums it all up it is an anthem for the age we live in. I love the video to this song, share it share it share it !!! and Buy it buy it buy “Generation Goodbye”.


Okay am not into ballads really but “If Clocks Were Running Backwards” is a stunning piece ,it is grandiose but  touching  sending  shivers up and down your spine, the arrangement is intense and the guitar man ship   from Andes Bruan and Jim Müller is captivating.

Another crowd pleaser is the excellent and very true “Somebody to Hate” this is going to be cracking live as are all Kissin Dynamites songs , one day we will find out ourselves!! It’s another one for full on crowd participation. I love the line “Your Sisters and Brothers go forth and find somebody to hate “!!!

“She Came She Saw” has some cool riffs and hell to leather Dynamism that builds on the Bands Earlier Albums ,this  is Ace, the fun time hard rocking moments that simply steal the crown of Hard Rocking fun so far this year, the deep tones are amusing and a bit spooky!

“Highlight Zone” screams play me, play me LOUD! and you will , all the way up to 12!  Wow “Masterpiece “has the beautiful dulcet tones of Jennifer Haben accompanying Hannes and could and should be a hit single worldwide it’s a monumental piece that floats , flying  high and when it falls it captures  your soul.


“Flying Colours” has the pounding bass of  Stefan Halles  and Andreas Schnitzers drums  pound as you punch the air in salute  “Under Friendly Fire” shoots from the hip and has you at the ready to fight! Who ever said Hard Rock is dead? shame on you Mr. Gene Simmons! Shout it loud  and get ready to fight for Kissin Dynamite!

“Larger Than Life” sing and sing hell yeah !! I have become hoarse from singing along to all the songs on this wonderful album! The final song “Utopia” is just over six minutes long opening  with an Asian vibe  accompanied by Beyond The Blacks Jennifer Haben again , this is simply stupendous and a beautiful end to an infectious, truly amazing Album I simply love it, and won’t give anything further away about this song!!!! You Must Buy the Album !!!  


  I honestly feel if Kissin Dynamite stick to this formula with Albums like “Generation Goodbye”  they will sell out venues around the globe not just their home country and will still be as fucking relevant for years to come !! Basically this Album is a hell of a step up for this band ,they have matured and come along way since  their debut , this is  thought provoking, but  fun ,it has  gotten our approval here at The Metal Gods Towers and will sit proudly at the top of the tree of awesome  releases in 2016! Ten outta ten ,no doubt, no ifs or fucking buts, just horns in the air to these Swabian Legends!    


Review : Seb Di Gatto       Score:10/10



01.Generation Goodbye

02. Hashtag Your Life

03. If Clocks Were Running  Backwards

04. Somebody To Hate                 

05. She Came She Saw                

06. Highlight Zone 07. Masterpiece

08. Flying Colours

09. Under Friendly Fire

10. Larger Than Life

11. Utopia


    Band Lineup:

    Hannes Braun (Vocals)

    Jim Müller (Guitar)

    Ande Braun (Guitar)

    Steffen Haile (Bass)

    Andreas Schnitzer (Drums)






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