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                                                 III - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars   GMR Music  

Krux’s third album is energetic, heavy, doom laden, intricate, deathly and head pounding.  Having received this album to review and having in all honesty, never heard much of the previous albums in this Swedish bands back catalogue, I did some research and would have to say, this album is the better of the three.  Much heavier. It is an awesome album.   


III - He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars' does not have as much of a progressive metal feel as was present on the previous albums.  Krux comprises of some very talented and accomplished musicians Lefi Edling from Candlemass, on vocals Matts Leven (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Jorgen Sandstrom (Entombed) and Fredik Akesson. 

So basically a Swedish supergroup!


Oozing deep and dark lyrics, this whole album is special.  The opening track 'He Who Sleeps Among The Stars' is hard-paced and instantly has you hooked.  Matts Leven's voice and lyrics instantly draw you into the song and it features an excellent guitar solo by Fredrik Akesson. 

My favourite track is 'The Hades Assembly', deep and very powerful, you get bells, monstrous musicianship and deep growls, as the dark lyrics envelope your soul. 


'Emily Payne (and the Black Maze)' takes you through the Black Maze and is a cracking tune with a great chorus.  The story is one of foreboding.  'Small Deadly Curses' is in a word, heavy metal heaven.  This track seriously rocks and has everything in it that we all love about Heavy Metal! 


Okay 'Prince Azaar' goes on for ten and a half minutes!  Personally I am not a fan of songs that go on for this length of time, but that should not detract from the fact that it’s an accomplished mix of guitar soloing and a story of epic proportions.  'A Place of Crows' the final track, is doom laden and a fitting end to a remarkable album from these Swedish maestros. 


I would definitely recommend giving this album a go, Matts Leven's vocals are something to savour.  'He Who Sleeps Amongst the Stars' would be ideal to listen to on a windswept winter’s night, with a log fire, candles and the rain lashing at your window panes.

Review by: Alison Bear



1. He Who Sleeps Amongst The Stars
2. The Hades Assembly
3. Emily Payne (and The Black Maze)
4. Small Deadly Curses
5. Price Azaar And The Invisible Pagoda
6. The Death Farm
7. A Place Of Crows 

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