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                                                                                Title: Kill The Hunted                                                                                   

                                                                                Label:  N.I.L.8/Rock of Angels

                                                                                Release Date:16th November 2022

Leatherwolf returns with a sumptuous killer new album. “Kill the Hunted” is a sure-fire Heavy Metal dream! With their legendary triple axe attack and a new vocalist in tow Keith Adamiak this platter reaches the heights and is a gem of eleven songs to please your ears and see you headbanging into the night and throwing those horns. The added guitar insanity of Rob Math, Luke Man, and Wayne Findlay with Dean Roberts decimating your ears on Drums as Barry Sparks wields the long axe isn’t enough Joel Hoekstra features on this opus as we “Hit the Dirt” already released, and gotten rave reviews worldwide and has gotten the band back firmly on everyone’s lips.

This opus is a true metal force to be reckoned with and Leatherwolfs finest work hands down.  These guys are like an unstoppable roller coaster delivering so many highs and dips and curves and sending you dizzy with their songs as “Nobody” pummels you senseless. The title track “Kill the Hunted” is my favorite song on here, it's so good back in the old days I would have worn out the tape by constantly rewinding this monster, I just love everything about this one the lyrics have you singing along, banging your head and straining those neck muscles. An anthem without a doubt. I think  Adamiaks vocals are truly outstanding and stretch those pipes throughout especially on the intense “Only the Wicked” this is pure alchemy, a rising force in the Heavy Metal world without a doubt.  Spiraling face melting rips outta your speakers as the delicious “Madhouse” delivers a full-on ball of metal delirium hell yeah! “Medusa” snake slithers its way into the room with a viper's kiss a total barrage of pure Metal Meltdown.

Joel Hoekstra features on the magnificent “The Henchmen” a song from the eighties, that’s finally seeing the daylight, this is catchy as hell and rocks them obligatory foundations. Some wicked riffs and chunky sounds see “Evil Empires fall”. The pounding and metalicious “Roadrage” rocks up next as the rubber burns and you punch the skies as this number races and batters you senseless. “Lights out again” has some wicked riffs and thunders along as we are drawn into the final track “Enslaved” running at nearly six minutes this is a momentous number to finish a stellar release.

Leatherwolf is back mutha fuckers! Pure adrenaline-lined delirium awaits the listener!

Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:9/10



1. Hit the Dirt
2. Nobody
3. Kill the Hunted
4. Only the Wicked
5. Madhouse
6. Medusa
7. The Henchman
8. (Evil) Empires Fall
9. Road Rage
10. Lights Out Again
11. Enslaved


Keith Adamiak – Lead vocals
Rob Math – Guitars
Luke Man – Guitars
Wayne Findlay – Guitars, keys (MSG, MS’ Temple of Rock, Slavior, Vinnie Moore)
Dean Roberts – Drums
Barry Sparks – Bass (MSG, Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ted Nugent)

Special Guest:
Joel Hoekstra – guitar (Whitesnake, TSO)





The Metal Gods Meltdown

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