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                                                                                                            Legend of The Seagullmen
                                                                                                 Title:Legend of The Seagullmen
                                                                                                 Label: Dine Alone Records
                                                                                                 Release Date: 9th February 2018
First up I love the Bands name and then you find out this is a genre destroying super duper group featuring  Brent Hinds of Mastodon, Danny Carey of Tool ,Director Jimmy Hayward (Jonah Hex, Horton Hears a Who) on Guitar, David "Doctor" Dreyer on Vocals, Pete Griffin of Zappa Plays Zappa  on Bass with a few other dudes joining in to produce a cinematic, psychedelic smorgasbord of pure Rocking fun tales all about ship wrecks, whales, seagulls and a giant mutant squid.

The first track is quite frankly fucking superb! You are transported into the worlds oceans as the rigging creaks and the seagulls squawk, its a classy opener where the band stamp their mark on your conscience and make damn sure you know "We Are The Seagullmen" with some blistering riffs and sounds of the sea its one helluva opener as this super group of Buccaneers begin to tell you tales of the deep blue seas and its hidden mysteries with vigour and killer musicianship.

Next track is the excellent Doom laden "The "Fogger" it rips into the room with its intense vibes , the Drums are given one hell of a workout, the solo from Carey is stunning, without a doubt the stand out track on here, I love the reprise as the song comes to its end.

"Shipswreck" has a deep and deathly groove to shiver ya timbers as the guitars are flayed to make sure you know X marks the spot.

"Curse of The Red Tide" is immense with its acoustic opening and haunting piano combined with David telling the tale as the orchestrations build its vast and expansive musician ship is tremendous.

Title track "Legend of the Seagullmen " has recently been released and tells the tale of the Seagull god king, its fast and frenetic delivery causes a storm as the tsunami of hellish riffs and head pounding beats take you on a journey into the legend of 4000 years ago.

"The Orca" sees the Killer Whale circling and ready to get its teeth into its victims, talking of teeth "Rise of the giant Squid" is up next as this killer of the deep takes your soul , the riffs are stupendous as this  slippery big eyed  monster gets its fill.
Finally we come to the "Ballad of the deep sea diver" and it has everything, scintillating Metal in bounds and leaps as the finale pummels you and dives into its finale. The the film score finish en-thralls and addicts you further into this release and has seen me constantly listen to this platter.


"Legend of The Seagullmen " is a cracking Album  to be enjoyed and sung along to with many a bottle of Rum into the night, fully indulge yourself in the tales and sagas of this Album I have and always will... its FUCKING AWESOME!

Review: Seb Di  Gatto      Score:9.5/10
Reviewed:31/01/18           Facebook

Track Listing:
1. We Are the
2. The Fogger
4. Curse of the Red Tide
5. Legend of the Seagullmen
6. The
7. Rise of the Giant
8. Ballad of the Deep Sea Diver

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