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                                                                                                                    Lethal Saint
                                                                                                           WW111    Pure Steel Records
                                                                                                             Release Date 20th March      
Lethal Saint hail from Cyprus and release their second album on the German Label Pure Steel records soon , having released their debut album in 2010 on an Independent label , the hope is , by signing to Pure Steel the band will get  more recognition.

Lethal Saint  mix up Traditional Metal with Melodic Power Metal and deliver an album of  eleven tracks , head banging, fists in the air  Metal insanity. 


"WW111" is jam packed full of meaty guitar riffs, and speeds along like a bullet train, the solos are furious and effective though out. The album opens slowly with "The Curse"an effective instrumental before the onslaught commences with "Merciless Decay" it has some fantastic riffs , Andreas Pouyioukkas vocals are menacing and commanding, as this band of Cypriots rattle their Metal chains, and indulge in some electrifying sinew snapping  Traditional Metal as the battle lines are drawn in "Prophecy of War".

The bands elevated  guitar harmonies will hook you, and draw you into the albums story  as World War 3 becomes not just a bad dream but scary reality on "Chaos Rising".


This conception of the world ending has been done many times by bands , but  there is something quite refreshing and appealing with this opus. "Order to Defend" is a highlight, the combined growls and clean vocals work really well on this song , its an empowering number.


An instrumental interlude is up next with "Omen" a haunting and evocative piece , that leads into "Thorns of  Existence", batten down the hatches and head bang hard to this crushing number. Legions are reborn as "The Alliance" see the worlds powers taking sides as the final destruction approaches. "Ascend to Power" contains some memorable riffs that dominate your head and neck .


With "Order To Defend"  Ascend To Power"  is without a doubt,a  favourite. Penultimate track "Spoils of the Past" is deep and the pitch black darkness envelops you , in preparation  for the title track "WW 111" its a foreboding completion of a  competent release.  The album artwork is worth a mention as well, It is visually stunning and forboding as the powers of the world look on at  the nuclear button of destruction.

Am hopeful the band get the attention they rightly deserve in 2015.

Review : Seb Di Gatto     Score :8/10                      Facebook          Website      

1 The Curse
2 Merciless Decay
3 Prophecy of War
4 Chaos Rising
5 Order to Defend
6 Omen
7 Thorns of Existence
8 The Alliance
9 Ascend to Power
10 Spoils of the Past


Band Line up:
Vocals - Andreas Pouyioukkas

Guitars - Andreas Kasapis

Guitars - Christoforos Gavriel

Bass - Nicholas Liakos

Drums-Christis Isseyegh

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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