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                                                                                               Liberty Lies

                                                                                   Title: It’s The Hope That Kills You

                                                                                   Label: Independent

                                                                                   Release Date: November 29th 2019

UK Hard Rockers Liberty Lies return with their Second Album “It’s the hope that Kills you” sees these guys continue to drag the Classic Rock sound kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The powerful “United Nothing” opens proceedings as Josh Pritchett on Guitar and the pounding rhythm section of Adam Stevenson on Drums and Miles Bagshaw - Bass add to this politically charged opener. Vocalist Shaun Richards delivers a outstanding performance on this opener as the content of this song hits a nerve in anyone who gives a damn about the current state not just of the United Kingdom but the world these days. The opening lyrics” Beauty is in the eye of the defensive, welcome to the age of the offended…….” Says it all!


It's hard to follow such an opener and “Four Walls” surprises and has me double checking this is the second track, it feels a bit outta place as the next song following such a strong start. The philosophical “Mouth Breathers” and the stunning “Different Tongues” hit a nerve as the guys bring a dark-edged assault to the world and would have possibly been better as the second and third songs on here, rather than “Four Walls” with its grandiose effects being better suited to run alongside the fifth track “Letters” a touching heart-wrenching ballad to move even the hardest of rockers. 


It's back to the heavy grooved Rock with a “Thousand People” a real monster of down and dirty riffs which is continued with “The Day the World is Done” a slower feel but still addictive as hell. “Family Tree” has so much sadness in it and sends shivers down your spine if like me your family tree has fallen, been chopped up and annihilated!!! it's catchy and will have a deep meaning for many.  

Really love the next two songs, first up “Coming Home” its rip roaring ambiance has a triumphant feel to it as does the exquisite seven-minute beauty “These Dark Days” full of dark foreboding excellence, a master class in Hard Rock with the Album Opener these two are my favorites on here.  

Soaring riffs and good time boogying is the order of the day as “Are you Listening” surprises you with its different twist and turns as does the excellent final track “Align”, with its melancholic start becoming something else as things are brought to a close.    


Are you looking for a cure for the winter nights that are upon us? frustrated at the world? Wanting to Rock your soul? Then Liberty Lies are the answer, they have dispatched an electrifying bevy of Anthems, that's full to the brim of thinking man’s Rock without a doubt!


Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:8.5/10       Facebook




Track Listing:
1. United Nothing
2. Four Walls
3. Mouth Breathers
4. Different Tongues
5. Letters
6. A Thousand People
7. The Day the World Is Done
8. Family Tree
9. Coming Home
10. These Dark Days
11. Are You Listening?
12. Align





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