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                                                                                                                   Title: Get Evolved 
                                                                                                                   Label: Roar Power Records  

Welcome to the Jungle, this band definitely has everything you need! They are fun, energetic, amazing live and have a cracking album here with 'Evolved'. We get a countdown for the lift off, and boy do they take off, this is full throttle Glam nation with a  twist.  Jef Leppard's vocals are raspy, dead catchy and instantly likeable.  His style reminds me of bands like The Mission with a gothic style, it’s a major plus point in my view this band are seriously rocking with a good time party  groove. 


The title track is the opener to the album and the lyrics are not only intelligent they are sticking a finger up to society, this is really great  Yeah let’s all get 'Evolved' and make a change and stop the rich guys always winning!  '(Not) What you Need' is cracking, its daft and fun, with a cool intro.  They really are the "Ones with Tiger Blood” and like a Bengal tiger watching its prey, the band crouches then delivers a song full of enough fever to make a cat scratch, as the guitarists JJ Lyons and Ryan Goodger deliver killer blows of riffs. One of my favourite tracks! 

'Blue Lights' is excellent, and very damn ironic! If you have ever been walking home late at night / early morning and been stopped by the police, when they have nothing better to do than look for a late night collar, well this tune sums it up, its excellent.  I'm thinking our feline chums have been stopped as have, for just going about your own business, there is nothing worse!  'Afghan Star' is a nice melodic number and as with nearly all of this album the lyrics make you  really think. 


'Be Your Gun' is bass laden very catchy and boppy, it really gets you moving, with excellent musician shipfrom Davy Lyons on Bass, accompanied by Chopsy on drums, they both come to the fore on this song.

'S.O.S' is laid back and as I said earlier you cannot help but admire the way this band deliver a song, be it rocking or chilled out they have everything here and 'S.O.S' and the next track 'Last Time' truly shows the bands pride and diversity.  'Right Track' is truly excellent, a political statement I think, or shoot me down in flames!!  It should be an anthem of huge proportions for the disaffected people in the world. 

'Maureen Moore N More' and 'End of Me' are just damn fine and keep you rocking along. 'Party Never Ends' is an apt title for these hard working self-abusing rockers from Milton Keynes!! Just another bottle of Jack!  I say the Party Should NEVER end for these cats!  

'Wrong Guy' is a chilled out number with excellent musicianship. 


Now 'The Cure' is meatier and claws at your being, now I may be mauled by these lions for saying this, but seriously 'Wrong Guy' reminded me of The Sisters of Mercy!  The album finishes with 'Kind of Scene' and it's epic without being epic if that makes sense!?!  A great end to a great album!!!  Babylon maybe burning but these felines are rocking it out with style!  

So to sum up Lionsex are a fun, scintillating band live but the lyrics are deep, meaningful, and damn intelligent this is an excellent album by Lionsex and left this reviewer purring!  Let’s hear them roar and become rightful Kings of the Jungle!


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Get Evolved 
2. (Not) What You Need 
3. Blue Lights 
4. Afghan Star 
5. Be Your Gun 
6. S.O.S. 
7. Last Time 
8. Right Track 
9. Maureen Moore N More 
10. End Of Me 
11. Party Never Ends 
12. Wrong Guy 
13. The Cure 
14. Kind Of Scene  

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