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                                                                                    Liv Sin

                                                                                    Title: Burning Sermons

                                                                                    Label: Despotz Records

                                                                                    Release Date: 6th September 2019  

Liv Sin return with their new Album, And hell its one mutha fucking powerful Melodic heavy hard hitting classic Metal release that sees Liv Jagrells  insanely sexy, distinctive and addictive Vocals burning and shaking the earths foundations, I really can’t enthuse enough about this the Bands sophomore release, kicking off with the massive “Blood Moon Fever” a rampaging head banging anthem that smashes you in the face as rampaging riffs ignites the Metal flames, the heat rises and Livs unique Vocals take a grip as the Drums and Bass brings the thunder you will raise your fist and stretch your neck muscles as they bewitch and draw you into this work of art.


Next we get “Chapter of The Witch” a driving face melting number with some panty wetting solos this track melts the ice caps.

“Hope Begins to Fade” is up next with the added bonus of Liv being joined by of Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra an epic that will surprise many older fans of Jagrell with its arrangements and delivery its a Metal monster from these Scandinavians. Punch the air and bang your heads as “War Antidote” pummels and rampages into the atmosphere, hell yeah, all hail Liv Sin! These guys have evolved and have something massive here as “At The Gates of The Abyss” steals your soul as you raise your flagons of ale and continue to headbang as theres really no let up as recent single “Slave To The Machine” blasts out of your speakers a song that’s going to be massive live.


Savage riffs, tumultuous Drums and a banshee’s wail see “The Sinner” take and steal your soul. I really Love the lyrics to “Death Gives Life Meaning” simply superb and one I keep returning to, in fact all the songs on here have that effect! The tempo is brought down as “Ghost in the Dark” enters with its beautiful melodious feel that sends shivers through you this is simply immense with its eerie atmospherics that chill you to the bone.

Final track “Dead Winter Intermezzo” sees the Band go for the jugular again a killer ending to a Melodic Metal monstrosity where once again Liv shows she is one of the finest Female Vocalists in the World!


Be ready on the 6th of September a Metal tsunami is coming as Liv Sin Unleash “Burning Sermons”


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10

Reviewed: 18.08.20


Track Listing:                                           Facebook

1.Blood Moon Fever

2.Chapter of The Witch

3.Hope Begins to Fade

4.War Antidote

5.At the Gates of The Abyss

6.Slave to The Machine

7.The Sinner

8.Death Gives Life Meaning

9.Ghost in the Dark

10. Dead Wind Intermezzo



Liv Jagrell – Vocals

Patrick Ankermark – Guitars

Chris Bertzell – Guitars

Tomie Winther – Bass



The Metal Gods Meltdown

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