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                                                                                                        Livin Evil

                                                                                                        Title: Prayers and Torments

                                                                                                        Label: Independent

                                                                                                        Release date:  

                                                                                                        03/06/2023 (digital)

                                                                                                        04/05/2023 (CD DIGIPACK)

 “Prayers and Torments a fine example of melodic heavy metal to please the masses from a rejuvenated Livin Evil.

With guest appearances from some of the most established legends, this release is the real deal! Opening with a captivating introduction we are led into the magnificent “Another Preacher of Satan” a really impressive start to this opus and is a full-blown rollercoaster ride of emotions and anthems. This is my favourite track on here it's heroic and absorbing and kicks ass as the vocals Tasos Lazaris leads the heroic charge towards metal euphoria as Simon Girard from Beyond Creation delivers a blistering solo. You don’t have time to catch your breath as “Behind the Light” powers into the room, it’s another bombastic assault of the highest calibre with the vocals of Lazaris rising to the heavens as J A Jacq and Kiato Luu lead the charge on guitars as the rhythm section of Jerome Viel bass and Fabio Alessandrini on drums bring up the rear it’s a pounding beast!

The gentle opening to “Through the Light” becomes a huge eight-plus minute of delicious pulsating ebbs and flows to keep you hooked from beginning to end as Phil Tougas from First Fragment delivers the goods and then some with his electrifying solos. There’s a short respite as “Illusory dreams” takes you on a voyage of musical wonderment then straight back to the core of this work as “Smile of The Knife” slices and lacerates all those who get in its way. We get the added bonus of Roland Grapow guesting on “Feelings” as this powerful tune shakes the world's foundations as Grapow lets his six strings do the talking and lays down some of the biggest riffs on “Prayers and Torments”. “Step into a Blaze of Fire” sweeps you away on a musical joy ride as Tougas guests again on this song. I love the way it builds and delivers on all fronts with its chunky monkey riffages! The Maidenesque “Indians cry” builds into a crescendo of guitar bass and drums in perfect harmony as the vocals and lyrical content impress, this is my second favourite track on here and another I keep returning to.

Be prepared for some whiplash as the killer “Fire” ignites the room and spins you around in a heavy Metal vortex of headbanging delight it is meaty and sees Lazaris hitting notes Rob Halford would be proud of!   The massive “Dreadful Fate” with its choral effects will amaze you as the pounding drums and delirious metal mastery takes hold. The Penultimate song “Lyrical Agony” oozes finesse and grandeur as we come to “Epitaph for s Singular friend” with Kosta Vreto solos this is a meaningful end and am guessing a tribute to bandmate Patrick Pairon who sadly passed away in 2018.  In these days of throw-away culture, it's nice to come across an album that fully engrosses you and weaves its spell on your mind body and soul.

Review: Seb Di Gatto                      Score: 9/10

Review date: 29/03/23


1. The Tree of Life

2. Another Preacher of Satan (Simon Girard Beyond Creation  solo )

3. Behind the Light

4. Through the Night (Phil Tougas solos First Fragment)

5. A Song for A Dead Man

6. Illusory Dreams

7. Smile of The Knife  

8. Feelings (Roland Grapow Masterplan formerly Helloween)

9. Step into A Blaze of Fire (Phil Tougas solos)

10.Indians Cry  (Timo Tolkki solos)

11.Fire   (Xavier Boscher solos ex Misanthrope )

12. Dreadful Fate (Xavier Boscher solos)and self-taught musician)

13. Lyrical Agony (Xavier Boscher solos)

14. Epitaph for A Singular Friend (Kosta Vreto Solos)


Jerome Viel Bass

Tasos Lazaris Lead and backing vocals

J.A Jacq Guitars

Kiato Luu Lead Guitar

Fabio Alessandrini Drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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