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                                                                                                           Living Wreckage

                                                                                                Title:Living Wreckage

                                                                                                Label:M-Theory Audio

                                                                                                Release date:23rd September 2022

Living Wreckage is a new powerhouse of metal musicians comprised of vocalist Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision) guitarists Jon Donais (Anthrax, Shadows Fall) and Matt Le Breton (Downpour), bassist Matt Bachland (Shadows Fall, Act of Defiance), and drummer Jon Morency(Let us Prey).

These guys released a 3 track EP which was only available at their shows and via mail order, this sold out and has left their fans begging for more and here we have it. Nine tracks of insanely addictive music that’s gonna see them catapult into the world’s metal masses and win them scores of fans, without a doubt this debut is a delirious metal meltdown of epic proportions.

From the opening track “One foot in the grave” which has more venom than a pissed-off cobra in a lake of fire this is a hellish opener that’s already been released and has gotten rave reviews, its subject matter is close to my heart, and will be to many who have had turmoil in their lives it’s an exceptional start to this platter.

I love Jeff Gards vocals and they shine on the killer “Blind Reality” just wait for the scintillating guitar solos from Jon Donais and Matt Le Bretton who make their guitars sing, as the rhythm section of Matt Bachland on bass and skins man Jon Morceny beat you senseless with their verve and venomous delivery. This just continues throughout this exceptional work, as the catchy “Out of Time” kicks in windows and shakes the room this is awesome! The band continues with the excellent “The end of the line” a true master class in hard-edged metal with its heavy and dirty grooves.

“Breaking Point” is another track that’s already been released and delivers on all fronts.

I think the album opener and “The voices lied” are my favorites on here. This is frantic and gets your heart pumping and pounding nearly breaking out of your rib cage as Gard’s vocal delivery rips into your presence. Hell yeah! ” Sink below” is melody rich as both guitarists excel on their six-string razors as  Gard delivers from the pits of hell. The penultimate number “Mark the days” saunters up to you and smacks you in the chops with its face-pounding drums this is pure unbridled heavy metal just the way we like it here at The Metal Gods Meltdown.    

The final track “Endless war” speeds up the tempo, it’s a thrasher that goes for the jugular and brings this excellent album to a close.

This self-titled platter is a true gem full to the brim of heavy guitar leads, powerhouse vocals, and thunderous basslines. Living Wreckage is a must-have album!


Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score:9.5/10




1.One foot in the grave

2.Blind Reality

3.Out of time

4.The end of the line

5.Breaking point

6.The Voices lied

7.Sink below

8.Mark the days

9.Endless war

Jeff Gard (vocals)
Jon Donais (guitars)
Matt LeBreton (guitars)
Matt Bachand (bass)
Jon Morency (drums)

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