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                                                                                                     Liv Sin

                                                                                           Title: KaliYuga

                                                                                           Label: Mighty Music

                                                                                           Release Date: 27th January 2023  

2023 brings the return of the mighty Liv Jagrell and her band Liv Sin.

Drawing inspiration from the fourth of four “Yugas” in Hinduism the era precisely dedicated to the present age, full of conflict and sin is reflected in the album’s songwriting.

This platter is big riffage purebred heavy fucking metal!  With Liv making such a stellar return and accompanied by Jay Matharu, Pete Ankemark firing out some razor-sharp riffs with the rhythm section of Daniel Skoglund and Per Bjevoluk hammering out the backbeat on bass and drums respectively. Opening with the furious and devilishly addictive “The Process” a song that’s already been released showing the band's intent, this rips and pounds your soul. The next track takes no prisoners with its clear message, the hard-hitting video is a must-see while the venomous delivery on this number will have the metal hordes banging their heads and saluting these mighty swedes, as “Anti-hero” smashes into your soul hell yeah!


Now my favorite on here is up next and may just be my new ringtone.. ”Let me out” is still my current tone, five years later! Anyway “King of Fools” has everything, crowd participation is a must with this one. This needs to be played even louder than 10! Its kick-ass delivery and sing-along tones are delicious and Liv’s raspy tones make your skin prickle as she goes into a near growl, love it!

The album continues to impress with “Forget my Name” another no holds barred attack on the sense as Liv's powerful vocals work their magic and again near growling this is triumphant, pulsating metal that calls your name. It's all guns blazing as this Scandinavian roller-coaster twists and turns into the room with no brakes applied this is a pounding jackhammering delight. “I Am The Storm” is a slower number, or is it? It builds into an intense monster that surprises the listener, it’s a master class, all I will say.


Ah well, what can I say, the lyrics and feel just encapsulate the nightmare years of covid for me, and probably one of the best songs I have heard dealing with the tumultuous years we all spent with the “Virus”.

“D.E.R” has guest vocals from Zak Tell (Clawfinger) and Madeleine Liljestam (Eliene) like the previous track its hard-hitting lyrics hit a nerve with the listener the two years of uncertainty, face masks and unending fears drip outta your speakers.  The penultimate track “The Swarm” pulls no punches it’s a stinging attack with some killer riffs and devilishly killer grooves its anathematic feel powers into the room.

Final number “Horizon on Black” is a massive pulsating kaleidoscope of different emotions and has you hitting the replay button as do all of the tracks on this titanic return for Liv Sin.


I have scored this ten out of ten, yes am a big fan of Liv Jagrell and her work. This is not a biased review it’s a fair review on a belting Purebred Heavy Metal album that deserves your attention..24-7!


Review:Seb Di Gatto      Score: 10/10

Reviewed: 16/12/22



1. The Process

2. Antihero

3. King Of Fools

4. Forget My Name

5. Karma

6. I Am The Storm

7. Virus

 8. D.E.R.

 9. The Swarm

10. Horizon On Black



 Liv Jagrell - vocals

Daniel Skoglund - bass

Jay Matharu - lead guitar

Patrick Ankermark – guitar

Per Bjevoluk Drums


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