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                                                                                                         Title: Sexorcisim
                                                                                                         Label:AFM Records

                                                                                                         Released:May 25th 2018
Lordi return with their most outrageous, tantalising and shocking release to date, just looking at the Album cover kinda gives you a clue of whats in store..  “Sexorcisim” will have Mary Whitehouse (If you are going who? The reviewer is a eighties child!... Google her!)  spinning in her grave and scaring the hell outta the oh so prissy liberals over the world.

Opening with the excellent title track “Sexorcisim” its one that sticks in your head as Mr. Lordi devours and twists your mind as the lyrics infect your brain, its fiendishly delightful with its near enough full on pornographic content, that just stops, only just, but the seed is planted deep in your conscience as your head spins these Monsters awake and cause havoc in you mind body and soul as the next highly infectious track has you singing along in no time, its one of my favourites on here, as kitty claws and scratches, your “Tongue (really) has got the cat”.

The addictive songs just don't stop as the catchy “Romeo ate Juliet” blasts outta ya speakers, I wonder what William Shakespeare would of made of this song!

The next track really makes your skin crawl “Naked in my cellar” is creepy and kind of hypnotic and pretty sick, as Mr.Lordi and his cohorts make good on their promise to be even more beastly and scary on this platter, they really shock and have you appalled as you laugh and sing along to a really beastly and deprived tune!


Now am sure I am really upsetting my neighbours as the delightful (sic) “The Beast is Yet to come” and the enigmatic “Polterchrist” continue to have you singing your lungs out as Lordis twisted lyrics continue to corrupt and debauch your being. “Slashion Model Girls” feels like a really old Lordi track, a question we will have to ask the monster man soon, its divine and of course has you instantly hooked.
The riffs continue to fly from Mr.Amen as the thunderous rhythm section of Mr. Mana (Drums) and Mr.Ox (Bass) combined with the gorgeous Miss Hellas Keyboards entice and draw you in to the tale of “Rimskin Assassin” Where does Mr.Lordi get his continued inspiration and wicked song titles/ lyrics from?!?!

Talking of song titles and Er themes jumping to the penultimate track we get “Sodomesticated Animal” I dunno if I should laugh or cry at this song!! Its pure Lordi, tongue in cheek and disturbing!

“Haunting Season” brings things to a close, its got horror film score written all over it, as the dead awake, you shiver and smile, and play "Sexorcisim" AGAIN! AND AGAIN!!! 


Formed way back in 1992, this is the Finnish Bands ninth studio release its one to disturb and scare the hell out of you, possibly one of the bands strongest Albums to date, if not the most controversial so far. It ain't gonna change the world,or be on many peoples, if any top ten Albums of the year, but who cares, its fun, and hellish and an escape from this screwed up boring liberal world.
Review: Seb Di Gatto           Score: 8.5/10

Reviewed: 3.05.18


Track Listing:

2.Your Tongues got the cat
3.Romeo ate Juliet
4.Naked in my cellar
5.The Beast is yet to come
7.SCG9 The Documented phenomenon
8.Slashion Model Girls
9.Rimskin Assassin
10.Hell has room
11.Hot and Satanned
12.Sodomesticated Animal
13.Haunting Season

Mr Lordi – Vocals
Mr Amen – Guitars
Mr Ox – Bass
Mr Mana – Drums
Ms Hella – Keyboards


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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