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                                                            To Beast Or Not To Beast  AFM Records


Lordi of course made headlines, and grew a huge fan base following their appearance on the 2006 Eurovision contest, winning it with 'Hard Rock Hallelujah', and from there the band released five albums.

                                       'To Beast Or Not To Beast' is their sixth. 

The band has had some changes to the line-up after the unfortunate death of Tonmi “Otus” Lillman. 


With Manna on drums and Hella on keyboards, but Mr. Lordi still sings like the Devil’s Disciple, he has the groove, with monstrously tongue in cheek, catchy lyrics, and instantly likeable vocals, making sure Lordi are still relevant today.   


Now personally I have never really brought into all this stage costume malarkey, but going away from the costumes and theatrical stuff 'To Beast or Not To Beast', this is a competent enjoyable album.  It took a while for me to really appreciate it, some tracks I can take or leave, but some really stand out and are excellent.  The first single from the album 'The Riff' is totally superb, gets into your head and will have you singing along in no  time,  I just love the lyrics, especially ... “the devil has lost his mind with all that hip hop shit”!! Classic! An anthem if ever there was one.


The opener on here I am not too sure about, 'We're Not Bad For The Kids' has some risky lyrics, and just didn’t get my attention.  'I Luv Ugly' is a fun track and like 'The Riff' is instantly likeable and will stay with you all day.  'Something Wicked This Way Comes' has horror flick sound track written all over it.  Mr. Lordi tells you on 'I’m The Best' that he is the best, and you can’t deny that he has a point, for me Lordi were a flash in the pan all those years ago, well, have they  proved me wrong, and he is the best! As far as the costumed bands go anyway. 


'Horrification' has sinister keyboards and riffs to scare the biggest of ogres.  'Happy New Fear' kind of has a Marilyn Manson groove going on and is a swinging rocking number.  'Schizo Doll' is so Alice Coopers 'Windup Toy', but with much heavier riffs . 

'Candy For The Cannibal' will have you stuttering like Mr. Lordi does on this song after a few listens, check the guitar solo out too, deftly strips the flesh from the bone.  'Sincerely With Love' ain’t no love song as the title would suggest, the ...  “Fuck You Arsehole” ...  lyric kind of gives it away as soon as the track starts.  Like the opener, it didn’t really strike me as the strongest track on here.  Final track is a tribute to “Otus” with 'SCG6 Otus Butcher Clinic', a fitting and really nice, bit of drumming by the bands sadly departed drummer “Otus”  ends a good album, with stunning artwork, Lordi are a must see live band.


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. We're Not Bad For The Kids
2. I Luv Ugly
3. The Riff
4. Something Wicked This Way Comes
5. I'm The Best
6. Horrication
7. Happy New Fear
8. Schizo Doll
9. Candy For The Cannibal
10. Sincerely With Love
11. SCG6 Otus Butcher Clinic 

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