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                                                                                                                         Lost Society

                                                                                                             Title : Braindead

                                                                                                             Label: Nuclear Blast 

                                                                                                             Release Date:12th February 2016

Lost Society hail from Finland and were founded in 2010 by the passionate Thrash /Speed and Metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna in the Finnish town of Jyväskylä.

Releasing their debut Album “Fast Loud Death” in 2013, this highly acclaimed release saw the band gain the Metal world’s attention and their second release “Terror Hungry” got the attention of Metal behemoths Kreator and Testament and saw the band making appearances at many festivals all over Europe.

The band return in 2016 with a darker Album “Braindead” , compared to their previous releases which were full of good time ,fast, alcohol fuelled anthems.


Not being totally au fait with the bands previous releases I did a bit of digging and found the opener “I Am the Antidote” ,the first release from the album has had mixed views from the bands fans as it’s a bit different to the bands usual repertoire,  well my answer to this is that bands grow ,and experiment ,and its clear to see this is what the band have done with this opener, its vibrant and a perfect  beginning  to what is a musically diverse Album ,this is not a full on balls to the wall Thrash Album, but does it matter? Not in my eyes, this  is full of meaty riffs and is the strongest track on here, with its evocative tones it is simply the best song on “Braindead”.

Next we come to “Riot” this is a very Nu Metal number it’s taken a while to get into but it does grow on you, a song to move the crowd ,to bounce and slam to ,so that’s never a bad thing!


“Mad Torture” slams your head , inflicting some devilish riffs but then kinda loses its momentum half way through,  a track to jump into the Mosh pit of torment ,then kickback to fully appreciate the bands new found identity with the stirring solos and amazing dexterity.

“Hollow Eyes” has some fucking cool lyrics ,and mean shredding , then what follows is pure Thrash magic as “Rage Me Up” spews forth from your speakers, this is a pit diving, mutha fucking stonking thrash athon that will see the crowds erupt into a mosh pit frenzy.


“Hangover Activator” explodes venomously and continues where “Rage Me Up” left off ,its fast and punches you in the guts with its killer chorus and attacking delivery. Running over eight minutes we get “Only My Death Is Certain” it’s a melodic, inspiring number that may displease the hard core Lost  Society fans but one I feel should be lauded as its stunning, excellent and a true Metal epic that Metallica would be proud of ,its tempos and changes bristle with divine brutality. “P.S.T 88” Brings the Album to a close its got a cool mid paced Thrash groove that curdles your brain!


I used to be totally old school about bands changing their styles but these days I think it’s great for a band to experiment  some may shout and scream “sell out”, but  at the end of the day Lost Society have taken the step , releasing  a competent and mature Album compared to their earlier releases. We all grow up and mature , but in these days of shit plastic music in the mainstream it is so good to see a young Thrash band diversify!


Review:Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10     Facebook     Website



Samy Elbanna - Guitar & Vocals 

Arttu Lesonen - Guitar

Mirko Lehtinen - Bass

Ossi Paananen - Drums



1.   I Am The Antidote

2.   Riot

3.   Mad Torture

4.   Hollow Eyes

5.   Rage Me Up

6.   Hangover Activator

7.   Only (My) Death Is Certain

8.   P.S.T.88

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